Basavaraj Bommai To Take Oath Today As The CM Of Karnataka

Basavaraj Bommai

As soon as BS Yediyurappa resigned after some historic tenures as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, the question was, who will succeed him? BJP Karnataka announced a close-aid of Yediyurappa, Mr. Basavaraj Bommai, as the new CM of the state. This announcement came after the meeting of the legislators yesterday evening.

Additionally, Mr. Bommai has acted as the minister in the state cabinet. Besides, he thanked the former CM, Yediyurappa, for proposing his name as the CM of the state. The 61-years old also belong to the same Lingayat community, similar to BS Yediyurappa. Additionally, this could be counted as a politically conscious move from the BJP.

Besides, Mr. Basavaraj Bommai only became part of the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2008. He doesn’t come from the same path as many other BJP leaders. Moreover, he has not belonged to any stables of RSS. Bommai is not the daily BJP CM who is famous for his stance on Hindutva. Significantly, he belonged to JDU before joining the BJP.

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Basavaraj Bommai Has Old Relationships With Politics

He comes from a family that has old relationships with politics. His father, late SR Bommai, also was a CM from 1988-89. Basavaraj Bommai was the home, law, and parliamentary minister under the leadership of BS Yediyurappa as CM. Before that, he also acted as the water resources and cooperation minister.

He will take the oath tomorrow as the new Chief Minister of Karnataka. This decision came not long since the resignation by BS Yediyurappa. After completing two years of this tenure, Yediyurappa resigned with teary eyes, and the question was who would be his successor.

Yediyurappa was happy when Bommai was announced as the new CM. Besides, after the announcement, he said that he holds complete confidence in Bommai. Moreover, he also said that Bommai would fulfill the aspirations of the people of Karnataka.

Bommai, unlike his predecessor, is a young and an educated man with a degree in mechanical engineering. Moreover, he was also a member of Tata Motors for three years. People appreciate him for his knowledge on the subject of irrigation projects in Karnataka.

Basavaraj Bommai works for the constituency of Shiggaon in the district of Haveri. The new CM would look to create a mark for the people of the state and try to fill the place of Yediyurappa in his own ways.

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