Avatar: The Way Of Water – Everything You Need To Know

Avatar: The Way Of Water - Everything You Need To Know

James Cameron’s big epic science fiction film Avatar, which made a staggering 2.924 billion USD at the box office, was released roughly 13 years ago. The highest-grossing film ever produced is still Avatar. And its sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water will soon be in theaters. 

Due to its astounding success and appeal to the audience, a video game with a similar theme was also created. Cameron had mentioned the prospect of additional films if the first one was a success. Still, since then, the franchise’s resurgence has experienced an unbelievable amount of ups and downs, delaying the production of Avatar: The Way of Water and the three other sequels that would come after it.

Along with Sigourney Weaver, the cast members Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana reprise their roles as Jake and Neytiri, respectively. 

Kate Winslet and Michelle Yeoh, newbies to the franchise, also play roles in the mysterious world of Pandora. The ensemble movie also stars Stephen Lang, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder Edie Falco, and Jemaine Clement.

Moreover, here are the five other things you should know about Avatar: The Way of Water! 

1. Cameron is back as a Director! 

The Way of Water will be directed by Cameron once more. In addition, he and Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver wrote the screenplay. Many aspects of the original movie were praised, but Cameron’s script’s overly simple ideas and motifs garnered criticism. This is perhaps the reason Cameron, this time, got Jaffa and Silver.

Cameron is back as a Director! 

2. More than 3 hours. WHAT?

According to reports, the length of “Avatar: The Way of Water” has been revealed, and it is quite long. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that James Cameron’s return to the big screen and the sequel to his smash 2009 picture ‘Avatar’ will last for three hours and 10 minutes — or 190 minutes. The original’s 162-minute running time made it feel somewhat scary.

3. The story of Sully family will continue 

There are currently few specifics about the story and scenario. But we know that the story of the Sully family—Jake, Neytiri, and their kids—will continue in the movie as they face new difficulties and travel on new adventures. Cameron has challenged fans of the series to predict the story.

The story of Sully family will continue 

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4. Environmental Message 

Aside from the love narrative between Jake and Neytiri and the central battle of the grand science fiction saga, “The Way of Water” will emphasize the importance of ocean conservation by turning the conversation about climate change. In contrast to the previous movie, which focused more on the risks of deforestation, the sequel taps into Cameron’s love of oceanography.

5. Release Date 

Since the first teaser released in May, fans are beyond thrilled for the sequel. The movie is all set to release on December 16th, 2022, following multiple delays.

Release Date

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