After Selling Farts In Jars, Stephanie Matto Has A New Scheme Involving Boob Sweat

One 90 Day Fiancé celebrity has a new scheme: she’s been selling her boob sweat to some eager fans, fresh off of selling her own farts. It may sound strange, but getting bodily odours into jars to sell for a high price, according to reality personality Stephanie Matto, requires a lot of effort. The TV star said she’s been working hard to break a sweat in order to make money in a new area.

In fact, OnlyFans star Stephanie Matto stated that she’s been selling boob sweat jars for $300 to $500 each after announcing the change on her social media. She revealed certain facts on YouTube, confirming that the film is titled “Hot Girl Summer” and that the “cha cha sweat” market is her most recent invention.

Some people on the Internet seem confuse about how one reality star can have two fantastic ideas. Moreover, some can’t believe the 90 Day Fiancé “fart girl”. Additionally, boob sweat lady are two distinct persons, but she’s wants to clarify that they’re the same person.

Stephanie Matto told TMZ in a separate interview that she is bottling her boob sweat for the past two weeks.

However, the business has allegedly been disrupted in recent days due to… a bear.

“A black bear walked into my home and tried to get into my garage. So, I confined indoors pretty much all day and couldn’t do my job. I was unable to complete my task! It was all caught on camera by me. I tried to get into my car and back out of my garage. Moreover, even honking my horn at him and screaming at him through the window, but he wouldn’t leave my yard!”

Stephanie Matto

Stephanie Matto claims that as a result of the bear event, she was unable to lay by the pool. Moreover, collect her extremely valuable perspiration, stating that the bear incident essentially shut down her entire company.

It’s a shame, considering Matto previously stated that she felt “in some ways” like a “modern-day marriage counsellor,” after a reviewer of her sweat said it helped him “ease marital troubles.”

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This isn’t the first time Matto has encountered a roadblock while running a business. Stephanie Matto also said in January that she got hospitalised after her second job. Which was, farting in jars – put her in the hospital. She supposedly ate too many eggs and beans in an attempt to produce more farts, which caused her trouble.

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