Tiramisu Innovator Ado Campeol Passes Away At 93 Years

Tiramisu Innovator Ado Campeol Passes Away At 93 Years

Ado Campeol, credited for the innovation of one of the world’s most famous desserts, Tiramisu, passed away. History will remember him as the “Father of Tiramisu,” which people referred to him as. Campeol was 93 years old.

The news came into the light from a Facebook post. Additionally, the Governor of the Veneto region in Italy, Luca Zaia, posted on Facebook. Luca also expressed his sadness and gave condolences to the family. He wrote that with the loss of Ado, Treviso has now lost another great individual.

Tiramisu is a famous Italian dessert and has a coffee flavour. Ado’s wife and the chef of the restaurant, Roberto Linguanotto, are said to have invented this delicious dessert. The dessert first appeared on the menu in 1970 and has become one of the most favourite desserts across the globe. People love the flavours and love to eat.

Ado Campeol with wife
Ado Campeol First from right

Additionally, they never patented their dessert invention. However, the world knows Ado Campeol as the creator of Tiramisu.

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Making Tiramisu Was All Accidental

The Campeols owned a restaurant named, “Le Beccherie” in the Treviso region of the country. It is in this restaurant that the Campeols and the chef came up with the idea of the new dessert and that too by accident. Their restaurant promises terrific hospitality and food. The restaurant chef, Linguanotto, says that he accidentally dropped mascarpone cheese in the bowl containing eggs and sugar. They also added ladyfingers soaked with coffee, and that’s how Tiramisu came into existence.

Making Tiramisu Was All Accidental

The dessert has become so famous and lovable by people that it is now available in the most prominent restaurants across all the countries and is not restricted to Italy. The word “Tiramisu” translates to pick-me-up or life-me-up. The original Tiramisu is non-alcoholic. However, the new versions now also consist of alcohol, rum. Additionally, the original one was children-friendly.

The world will remember Ado Campeol for his most remarkable contributions to the dessert field. Tiramisu will, without a doubt, go down as one of the most delicious desserts, and people across the globe love the dessert.

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