Welcome to SaltSnap! Before getting to know each other, we’d like to give you a snappy intro about us, if that agrees with you! 

SaltSnap took shape in the minds of its creators as a digital magazine in India for entertaining content. Inspired by some of the greatest digital publishing platforms and fun online blogs, SaltSnap brings to you the most unique, awe-inspiring, and 100% original Lifestyle, Travel, and Technology articles to keep you hooked. 

Honestly, our creative flair is quite excited to be on board, and you can expect fun reads from other niches as well like viral trends, entertainment, and more on our website.

An intern friendly workplace:

When the idea of SaltSnap came to the fore, our founders were keen on hiring young, enthusiastic interns. We offer our interns freedom from typical office work along with the creative space to pitch in ideas and flex their mind muscle into producing insightful content that our readers will love.

SaltSnap’s vision for 2021:

SaltSnap aspires to be India’s youth-centric digital media company that focuses on content publishing to make the Internet a more lively, thought-provoking, and laughter inducing place than it already is. We take great care to research, write, edit, and curate original articles that we hope you’ll enjoy reading and sharing, without a doubt.