8 Gift Recommendations from the coolest brands for Valentine’s Day 2023

valentine's day

The month of February marks the season of love when couples start looking for a perfect gift to surprise their loved ones. The choice is never easy because of countless available options. But don’t worry, we have narrowed it down to help you out this Valentine’s Day:

1. Couples Underwear:

Nothing feels more special than personalized gifts. You can get your pictures or message printed on a cushion, t-shirt, coffee mug ,sipper, keyring or a clock and give it to your partner so that they think of you while using it.

Better yet, have you heard of Valentine’s Day special customized couples underwear? If you’ve heard of Bummer, you’ll know that they have a ‘Him & Her Matching Pair‘ of undies or PJs. Nothing sparks intimacy and some naughty vibes on Valentine’s Day like matching underwear.

2. Yearly Planner:

Everyone needs a diary. No matter what your partner’s profession is, they will definitely have something important to note down at one point. So your diary will definitely come to their use. You can pick a diary with inspiring quotes to ensure that your partner remains motivated at work. A beautiful yearly planner or journal is the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your significant other. And since its still early in the year, buying a 2023 planner for your loved one is a terrific way to show them you care. Check out Odd Giraffe’s V-Day Gift options. You can even personalize it to make it more special:

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3. Customized Wallet:

Gone are the days when carrying some cash in the pocket was enough. Now one also needs to carry different cards, identification proofs, driving license and what not. So a wallet is a must for your partner. Indian Gifts Portal IGP has an entire range of customizable wallets and passport covers that will make your boo squeal with love:

4. Personalized Engraved Jewellery:

If you want to leave a mark forever in their heart then you can give them an engraved accessory like a ring, bracelet or pendant with an engraved message. Giva has beautiful heart necklaces that you can engrave with your significant other’s name which make for an amazing ever-lasting gift and a symbol of your love for years to come. They have the sweetest valentine’s day gifting edition for each day of the valentine’s week.

5. Premium Chocolates:

Valentine’s day is incomplete without chocolates. You can buy handmade ones for a change. They are not only packed beautifully but also taste divine. You can find them easily in your nearby confectionery. Lil Goodness has the best V-day special ‘Perfect Match’ box of prebiotic chocolate treats that makes the perfect gifting choice for a mushy day of love with your partner:

6. Smart Watch:

If you want to ensure that your significant other stays fit, you can gift them a smartwatch to track their physical activity. It comes with features like Heart rate monitors, Pedometers, Physical activity trackers (for running, swimming, cycling, etc.), Blood pressure monitors, Sleep monitors which will definitely help your partner in keeping their health in check. Noise has the best smart watches if you’re looking for an affordable brand. Do check them out:

7. Indoor Plants:

If you want to bring freshness and positivity in your partner’s life then indoor plants are a must have. They not only purify air but are also helpful in relieving stress. Ferns n Petals has lovely jade plants in special V-day planters that are just perfect as a gift for the love of your life this year.

8. Bluetooth Speaker:

Music is helpful in surprising ways. So a Bluetooth speaker can be a great present because of its amazing audio quality. Plus it comes in different shapes and sizes and can be carried anywhere. Boat’s Stone Speaker is a great choice as a powerful, portable speaker that will no doubt excite anyone.

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