777 Charlie – Heart-warming Paw-Friendly Kannada movie. Watch the Teaser here!

New Kannada Movie Teaser Release. Mind-blowing facts about 777 Charlie, a movie dedicated to pet lovers.

charlie 777

Occasionally, we are treated to a fabulous Kannada movie which outshines all others in terms of the storyline and picturisation. Rakshit Shetty has contributed to a significant number of such unique movies in the Kannada film industry. Each time, he comes with a special concept which instantly makes a heart-to-heart connect with his audience.

Whether it was his wacky character ‘Richie’ in ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’ or his hearty rendition of youth and college life in ‘Kirik Party’, Kannada movie-goers eagerly wait to see what Rakshit Shetty has to offer next.

A puppy movie – Unmissable!

This time it’s a puppy movie! Guaranteed to touch all the right chords with the viewer, the newest ‘paw-friendly’, intriguing Kannada movie teaser release is ‘777 Charlie’ where we see a very young, cute puppy named ‘Charlie’ zoom across different terrains.

This pure-bred Labrador Retriever is seen on a very tough journey as he goes through the harsh life of a stray in India. From being chased away and drenched in water for asking food to wading through a sea of people trying not get run over, beaten, or killed, we see how Charlie keeps running towards an unknown destination.

The teaser perfectly summarises how life is a journey and no matter how many challenges are thrown our way; the idea is to keep moving towards the destination through thick and thin.

The viewer is cleverly bombarded with a mix of emotions like sadness, pity, empathy, and the warm fuzzy feeling of love towards an adorable young dog. The audience is sure to be hooked, and anxious about the dog coming to harm.

A perfect, love-fuelled union of Man and Dog

We soon see the outcome of Charlie’s journey as it is seen united with ‘Dharma’, the protagonist played by Rakshit Shetty himself. According to sources, ‘Dharma’ is a recluse, who is united with the wandering stray. It’s the perfect coming together of a potential dog dad and a youthful, energetic puppy who has a lot of love and kindness to give.

charlie movie rakshit shetty
Pic: Filmibeat

Everything you need to know about 777 Charlie.

The hero of the movie is a 4-month-old puppy who plays Charlie, the stray dog. The puppy went through an extensive training regimen by Pramod, a Dog Trainer from Mysore. The most astonishing fact about this movie is that the young Charlie was trained for a period of 4 years into adulthood. Consequently, the movie was 4 years in the making which is a pretty long period compared to an average movie schedule which spans for a maximum duration of 1 year. 

charlie movie lab dog
Pic: Filmibeat

Challenging shooting sequences with a playful puppy

Shooting with a young dog is surely a mammoth task mainly because the dog is trained to finish tasks. There are no ‘shots’ per se when picturising an animal. Some of the scenes needed 30-40 retakes. Particularly challenging was the fish market scene where the puppy Charlie was tasked with grabbing a fish and jumping over an obstacle. Filming the sequence was tough since the dog was uncomfortable with the smell.

charlie movie fish market
Pic courtesy : Instagram.com/777charliemovie

The next challenging scene was the 30 second bridge scene which took an entire day + the next morning to film.

The journey of the dog goes from Mysore to Kashmir and the movie was shot in Kashmir when the first lockdown was relaxed. 777 Charlie will release in the September-October period this year in theatres if things get back to normal. 

Impressive detailing

To align the movie more with every regional language, great care has been taken to change the language whether on car plates, wall graffiti, and even on sign boards. Depending on the language, they have been changed appropriately. Take a look at the impressive micro detailing which the movie makers painstakingly created.

charlie 777 movie Gobi stall
charlie 777 movie wall
charlie 777 movie car number plate

More deets about the movie

777 Charlie will be releasing in 5 languages: Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. The cinematography, editing, and colour grading are all on point. SaltSnap wishes Rakshit Shetty and the entire team of 777 Charlie all the luck they need. We look forward to watching this beautiful movie. 

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