7 Weird Habits Of Desi Elders- We have all come across

7 Weird Habits Of Desi Elders

In this world, we see so many kinds of people. Some are serious all the time and some are insanely stupid. Meeting new people always gives us a chance to know different kinds of personalities. In India, we have no shortage of weird characters. Sometimes what Desi Elders say makes no sense but we have no choice but to obey. So we have listed 7 Habits Of Desi Elders that are weird but true.

1. Log Kya Kahenge

7 Weird Habits Of Desi Elders log kya kahenge

No matter what you say, you cant counter-argue this logic. Desi Elders’ roots are so strong that they cannot stop bothering about what society will think. But what’s surprising is that we are the ones who make this society and we shouldn’t bother to think about others and should instead live a life that we desire.

2. Sharma Ji Ka Ladka

7 Weird Habits Of Desi Elders Sharma ji ka ladka

All of us have this character in our lives who constantly compares us with the neighbor’s kid. If you haven’t been compared to Sharma Ji Ka Ladka that means you don’t belong to a Desi Family. The concept of comparing actually causes a lot more harm to youngsters than motivating them. We don’t know how they think it’s a way of encouraging their children. But trust us, it’s not. Maybe we should point out the fact that Sharmaji’s salary is more than theirs?

3. What’s New Stays New

What's New Stays New

The last time you bought those fancy cups, when was it recently used? You might have seen it last used when a guest came home. In the desi household, we have a set of things that are to be used only during Special Occasions. This is one of the weird habits of Desi Elders.

4. Free Advice

desi free advice

In desi Families, we have free consultants. Be it related to health or education or it can be investment-related topics. There are few elders who give unwarranted advice nonstop. For example ‘after 10th take science, later do engineering’ or ‘Once you graduate, do an MBA’. If you are a woman, then its ‘get married’. After marriage, they keep asking for ‘Good News’! It’s really never-ending.

5. Never Throw Containers

hotel containers

Most of the families never spend on boxes. We put literally anything in any jar. Maybe you will never find cookies in a cookie jar. Use and Throw bottles are never crushed and thrown. They might store oil in it. Reusing techniques are highly advanced in Desi Households.

6. Guilt Tripping


Be it for anything, Desi parents know how to get work done from their children. Indians are top-notch in emotional drama. They never take no for an answer. For instance, you say that you are not going to go to a wedding and they will remind you of all the things they have done for you. The guilt trip is exhausting.

7. Blaming Phones


Any problem that occurs at home and Desi Elders jump to blaming it on phone usage. Be it not feeling hungry or leg pain or even something irrelevant. They always end up scolding you and your phone. This is so weird and makes no sense. But is common among almost all desi parents.

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