7 times Salman Khan made outrageous comments to test our Intelligence

Salman khan

Salman Khan needs no introductions. He’s “out there”, outrageous, and more often than not, he makes comments or gives out statements that leaves us feeling very confused. We don’t yet know if he does it because he actually believes that the bizarre claims that he makes has any takers. Or he truly thinks that the world around him is a special kind of stupid. Here are 7 instances when Salman Khan made utterly bizarre statements in the media that made us laugh and cry at the same time:

1. I am a virgin:

Who can forget this historic moment in time, during a Koffee with Karan episode, when Salman Bhai gave us the ultimate test of our intelligence by declaring with a painfully straight face that he was indeed a virgin. What followed was an outburst of laughter by the show host Karan Johar himself. And in more ways than one, his reaction was a reflection of every person’s state of mind who was watching this moment on TV.

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2. When he claimed to not know Vivek Oberoi’s name:

On an episode of ‘Aap ki Adalat’, Salman was summoned to address his beef with Vivek Oberoi, when he made an unbelievably innocent face, while pretending to not even know Vivek Oberoi’s name. It was hilarious to say the least because, really? Does he really think so little of the audience’s intellect?

3. The ‘raped woman’ comment:

When Salman was talking about a shooting schedule around wrestling, he equated the supposed ordeal he went through to that of a woman being raped. Well, it didn’t take us much time to put two and two together to figure out the mindset behind such a statement. Nevertheless, Salman’s always giving our brain cells a lot of work to do.

4. When he claimed that the black buck died of natural causes:

When Salman Khan pled not guilty at court to his case on the black buck shooting, he stated that the animal had died of natural causes, which made Twitter erupt with laughter. Honestly, Salman deserves a bravery medal for making a blatant mockery of people’s intelligence.

5. I’ve never hit a woman:

Salman Khan’s face is like a book and it’s so easy to figure out just what he thinks about us. This one time, a reporter questioned him about the allegations on him by women who said that he had physically hurt them. Of course, he straight up denied the allegation with a ridiculous reasoning that if he had done it, the woman wouldn’t survive. Toxic at best!

6. Something about necklines:

Recently, Palak Tiwari, the cast of ‘Kisi ka bhai Kisi ki jaan’ made the unspeakable faux pas of revealing Salman’s secret on set. She shared her experience of working with him. She told the media how he policed the necklines of women on set. And although she freaked about it, we hope she’s ok after doing that mistake. Anyway, Salman went on to clarify by giving some sort of laughable ‘holier-than-thou’ sermon on the sanctity of women’s bodies. And we really had to question our intelligence about how we could possibly buy that stuff coming from him, of all people.

7. The 5 actors of his generation ‘will tire the young actors out’:

Salman had this to say about young hard-working actors when he referred to the old-timers Shah Rukh, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan, and himself, of course. Unless we’re really all that dumb enough to think that old actors can keep out young talent from shining through. No, he shouldn’t be questioning the audience’s intelligence like this with his statements.

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