7 Things You Should Avoid Doing During Flight


Travelling is stressful enough as it is, so don’t add the worry of becoming sick on the plane to the mix. Experts explain where germs hide and how to keep healthy and pleasant while travelling by air. When we board an aircraft, our aim is simple: to arrive at our destination safely and comfortably. However, we sometimes get in our way. Avoiding some major aeroplane blunders can make your flight safer and more courteous to travel.

Avoid these things during flight for a good journey!

#1 Lining Up For The Bathroom

While it may be tempting to wait in line outside the airline lavatory to ensure that no one cuts in front of you, many people have ceased doing so as a result of COVID-19. It could, however, be better to do away with it entirely.


#2 Eating Food That Fell From Your Tray

Even though these trays should theoretically be cleaned after each flight, a recent study found that tray tables have an average of 2,155 bacteria per square inch, compared to about 265 bacteria on the toilet flusher. To put it another way, if your cookie crumbles onto your tray, don’t throw it away.


#3 Eating Food With Strong Smell

Give your seatmates a break and don’t show up for your trip with a tuna sandwich or a platter of onion rings, while we’re on the subject of mealtimes. They’ll make you stink not only while you’re eating them, but they’ll also give you terrible breath for the rest of the journey.

#4 Ignoring Safety Presentation 

Yes, the briefing is dull; you’ve heard it a million times before, and you already know how to fasten your seatbelt. However, as tiresome as the material may appear, it may one day save your life. At the at least, take a few seconds to figure out where the nearest emergency exit is and how many rows away it is from your seat.


#5 Not Staying Hydrated

The cabin’s air is particularly dry and low in humidity. When you exhale, your body loses fluids, and inhaling at high altitudes can dry you. 

Dehydration makes us more susceptible to illness, therefore drinking plenty of water can help improve your immune system.


#6 Not Having Carry-On Courtesy 

Putting your jacket, carry-on luggage, and personal belongings in the overhead bin? Make sure you get your munchies and phone chargers first, so you don’t end up displacing your seatmates in the middle of the trip. To make disembarking the plane easier for everyone, place your items in a container as close to your seat as possible.

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#7 Being Rude To Flight Attendants 

Simply put, be courteous. Flight attendants do their best most of the time, but they won’t always have the answer. Furthermore, they deal with angry clients all day, so your actions could have a significant impact.

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