7 Silent Texting Rules Everyone Must Know

7 Silent Texting Rules Everyone Must Know

Does texting have rules now? We all studied formats of letters, and email in our school days. But we never knew texting had rules too. There are some situations in which there are no literal rules, but they do have unspoken rules. Have you had an interest in someone and just on a random day they ghosted you? Maybe something wasn’t right in the way you texted. Or you just lost your interest completely in a person due to his or her texts. In the era of online dating, if you don’t know how to initiate a conversation or make it interesting, you really need to know these silent rules.

1. Don’t blow them off

texting rules ghosting

If you think ignoring someone is going to get you more attention, it may work for a while. But in today’s fast-moving world, that person may just forget you and move on. Don’t give yourself extra credit for leaving someone on seen. If you are genuinely busy, then it’s okay. But it may backfire after a while.

2. Disguised Stalker

texting rules stalker

If the person isn’t interested in you, texting them from various social media accounts makes you creepy and disgusting. Just because they didn’t respond on Instagram, texting them on WhatsApp is not ideal. Maybe they are really busy, so give them space.

3. Long Texts Only When needed

texting rules long text message

Do long texts only when the person is extremely close to you. It’s totally fine to do that in such cases, but long texts can sound a bit desperate. The person you are texting may feel you are needy and might stop responding. It’s not wrong to express your emotions but sometimes it might drive people away.

4. Sarcasm is cool until…

texting rules sarcasm

Sarcasm might get you some attention in the beginning. But using it a lot might be a turn-off. In texting, the person’s tone is left to the readers’ imagination, so you might end up hurting the other person. Do you really want that to happen?

5. Right Emojis

text emojis

Sentences without emojis are now a dish without salt. Emojis help in telling your tone while texting. It makes conversation lighter and in some cases heartfelt. Using the right emojis might be a bonus for you. It might become in handy for your flirting sessions.

6. Tell Before You Get too Busy

busy work

When you text someone every day, it becomes an inevitable habit. So if you get too busy someday, it’s basic manners to inform them that you are going to be really busy. It’s not a must thing to do, but it will surely give you an edge over others in their mind.

7. Autocorrect Disaster


How many times have we got embarrassed due to errors caused by autocorrect? Sometimes the other person might assume that you did it on purpose. Can anything worse happen than typing ‘I’m Horny’ instead of I’m Hungry? So double-check before you click send.

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