7 Patriotic Movies to Binge Watch on India’s 75th Independence Day

These tear-jerking movies will induce patriotic emotions in every Indian.

7 Patriotic Movies to Binge Watch on India's 75th Independence Day

This Independence Day, India celebrates 75 years of freedom. There’s not much we can do to gather and celebrate this special day at School or at the Workplace. So we curated a list of movies for you to binge watch today. These movies will trigger intense patriotic emotions in every Indian. So keep a tissue box handy to wipe your tears of love for India.

1. Mangal Pandey

mangal pandey rising

This movie is top on the list because its the story of Mangal Pandey, a legendary freedom fighter who was the first person to kick off the freedom movement in India. Not many people know this fact. This movie is a must-watch for its riveting story.

2. Manikarnika


A modern rendition of the historic Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi’s story, this is a beautiful movie that shows the bold and fearless Kangna Ranaut’s spectacular acting prowess as the fierce Queen of Jhansi, a key player in India’s freedom struggle.

3. URI

uri surgical strike

This movie has picturised India’s famous surgical strike showing in detail how the Indian army commandos took great risk to eliminate rogue terrorist camps across the border in Pakistan. Shot in a PubG and Call of Duty style, Vicky Kaushal and Mohit Raina will make your chest swell with pride, especially when the war cry of ‘How’s the Josh?!’ reverberates from your screen.

4. Parmanu

parmanu pokhran

Starring John Abraham, Parmanu, the Story of Pokhran tells the tale of India’s first ever nuclear test. It shows one of India’s most proud moments when it was recognised globally as a nuclear state. The movie shows us all the hardships faced by the Pokhran Nuclear Testing Team to obtain the official go-ahead, the risks, and the apprehensions involved in the task.

5. Airlift

airlift movie

One of the most tear-jerking patriotic movies that you deserve to watch on Independence Day, Airlift starring Akshay Kumar is the story of how Indians stranded in Kuwait were successfully airlifted by the Indian Government when Saddam Hussein had invaded the country back in 1990.

6. Raazi

7 Patriotic Movies to Binge Watch on India's 75th Independence Day raazi alia bhatt

A Karan Johar movie starring Alia Bhatt, Raazi is the thrilling story of Sehmat Khan, an Indian Muslim spy who sacrificed her personal life to marry a Pakistani and share insider intel on Pakistan’s plans for a sneak attack during the Indo-Pak war of 1971. Its a must-watch Independence movie with amazing music that will induce excessive love for your country.

7. Swades

patriotic movies swades shahrukh khan

Swades is a patriotic classic where Sharukh beautifully depicts the mindset of an NRI who longs and craves to return back to his homeland and work for its betterment. Sharukh Khan’s wittiness and charm combined with a meaningful storyline makes this a worthwhile Sunday afternoon watch on Independence Day.

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