7 Facts About Amit Jain Who’s Replacing Ashneer Grover In Shark Tank India

7 Facts About Amit Jain Who’s Replacing Ashneer Grover In Shark Tank India

Fans of Shark Tank India were in for a surprise as the new season’s trailer was made available on Tuesday. Ashneer Grover, the former founder of BharatPe, is replaced as a judge by Amit Jain, the co-founder and CEO of CarDekho. 

After the first season of the business reality show, Grover gained enormous popularity, but Jain has also piqued people’s interest. 

The new “Shark” Amit Jain has seven things you should know, as follows.

1. Amit Jain is the founder of CarDekho 

The brothers visited the 2008 Auto Expo in New Delhi, where they got the concept for CarDekho. “Our objective was to employ technology to give users the best possible experience when purchasing or selling an automobile. We created a website where customers could go to acquire the appropriate information and read reviews on cars before deciding whether to buy, “In a LinkedIn post, Jain.

1. Amit Jain is the founder of CarDekho 

2. Loves his family! 

The new “Shark” enjoys spending time with his family while still having a strong desire to develop for the future and believes in living in the moment. 

Loves his family! 

3. He’s a balanced person 

Amit Jain responded to a question regarding whether he operates more from the heart or the mind by saying, “I suppose I am both, depending on the context. The majority of the time, I am very impartial. I have more heart when it comes to dealing with people and more head when it comes to dealing with business.” 

4. Jaipur based 

Amit Jain, the new shark, is from Jaipur and graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. According to his LinkedIn page, Mr. Jain attended Saint Xavier’s School in Jaipur for his formal education.

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5. Worked with TCS 

Mr. Jain worked as a software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services following graduation. Following his employment with TCS, he accepted a position as a Senior Associate in Austin with Trilogy, a software company based in Texas.

6. Amit Jain worked closely with his Brother 

In his hometown of Jaipur, Mr. Jain intended to launch an IT outsourcing business in 2006. In order to create GirnarSoft, Mr. Jain and his brother Anurag Jain converted their garage into a temporary office. According to a story by Startup Talky, the couple employed a team of 20 workers, and the company was profitable in its early years. However, the business eventually started to lose money and reportedly lost over 1 crore in stock. 

6. Amit Jain worked closely with his Brother 

7. Vision for CarDekho 

After attending Delhi’s Auto-Expo in 2008, Mr. Jain and his brother came up with the concept for CarDekho.

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