Salt Snaps: 7 Best State Tableaus from India’s 72nd Republic day Celebration

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As we celebrated our 72nd Republic Day yesterday, here are our top 7 Cultural Tableau snaps from the Republic Day parade .

This year, Republic Day was unique compared to previous celebrations. With Covid still being a looming threat, all the protocols stayed put  for a safe celebration.

#1 Ladakh:

Ladakh, India’s new union territory displayed its very first and best tableaus in the parade showcasing its rich culture and communal harmony.

#2 Karnataka:

Karnataka displayed the Vijayanagara empire of 1336 also known as the ‘City of Victory’. Now partly located in Hampi, it has now been  declared as aUNESCO world heritage site.

#3 Kerala:

Kerala displayed its grand culture of Theyam (Folk dance) with a giant-sized tender coconut. The state contributes a total of 45% towards India’s coconuts. Kerala also showcased women empowerment.

#4 Tamilnadu:

Have you ever heard about the powerful southern kingdom from the 3rd century BC which ruled for over 600 years? Yes, we are talking about the invincible Pallava Dynasty.The theme of the tableau was the Shore temple and the monuments of the Pallava dynasty.

#5 Uttarakhand:

The name Uttarakhand brings to our mind the ancient Kedarnath temple. This year, the State Government displayed the Kedarnath temple along with their state national animal Kasturi Mirg (Alpine Musk deer)

#6 Andhra Pradesh:

The state showcased its famous Lepakshi temple also known as (“Rise bird”) in Telegu. The temple is famous for its architectural marvel.

#7 Gujarat:

The tableau showcased Gujarat’s Sun Temple. There are 52 pillars in the Sun Temple which denotes 52 weeks of the solar cycle.