6 Indian Movies With Best VFX, It’s Not Just Brahmastra

6 Indian Movies With Best VFX, It’s Not Just Brahmastra

An essential component of a movie’s visual appeal is visual effects (VFX). With the aid of VFX, filmmakers with a vision have been able to make their audience experience it. Due to the high cost, the technology hasn’t been utilised in Indian films as much as it has in Hollywood. But as the budget for Indian films has grown, there has been a noticeable growth in the usage of VFX in recent years. Still we have managed to create some of the best and note worthy Indian movies with best VFX.

The usage of CGI and VFX is still relatively new to the Indian film business, but some directors have found the bravery to go forward with it anyhow, despite the risks and difficulties they may encounter. Yet they have created really brilliant masterpieces!

Here are 6 Indian movies with best VFX

1. Bahubali 

Saby Cyril, the magician behind the splendor of Bahubali 1 and 2, built an Indian empire that bore no similarity to any earlier monarchy. Devasena’s kingdom, surrounding villages, and water bodies, which are spread across 3-5 acres of land and are set almost 300–500 years in the past, were created as models by the art department and concept artists. The VFX team then added the necessary extensions, such as the right textures, lighting, and detail. 

2. Padmavat 

Sanjay Leela Bhansali worked with production designers Subrata Chakraborty and Amit Ray to bring the plot to life. In contrast to Chittor Palace’s accurate reproduction of Rajasthani architecture, which has lovely windows that protrude out of Havelis and stone carvings, Khilji’s residence was entirely inspired by Persian architecture in terms of its frescoes and carvings.

3. Tumbbad

The film’s visual effects and music have received the most praise, and both were produced outside of India. The VFX were handled by Filmgate, who are also co-producers of the movie. Every single frame of the magic you see on television was painstakingly made after much deliberation.

4. Brahmastra 

The film’s significant dependence on its elaborate CGI-VFX paid off because it produced a visually stunning experience that one wouldn’t have expected to see in a Bollywood movie.

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Even though it is influenced by the west, it developed its own strengths, much like how the color of fire (Agni) varies depending on the individual: Shiva’s fire is a lovely pink color because it generates positivity, whereas Junoon or Dev’s fire is a deep, dark red because it generates negativity. and every single battle scene!

5. Kantara 

Kantara is yet another gem of a film from Kannada cinema that will take one’s breath away in terms of storytelling and visuals.

The cinematography for Kantara by Arvind S. Kashyap is superb. The period movie is amazing at frame and lighting. The film’s music is by Ajaneesh Loknath agrees. The sound design of Kantara is another significant strength.

6. RRR

Visual effects supervisor Srinivas Mohan worked on both Bhubali: The Beginning and RRR. RRR employed 18 VFX houses and nearly 2800 VFX shots, while Avengers: Endgame used VFX in 2,496 shots while working with only 14 houses.

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