6 Indian Movies That Deserved To Be Sent For Oscar Nominations

Indian movies for Oscar Nominations

Academy awards which are also called Oscars are one of the most prestigious awards in the entire entertainment industry. India has sent almost over 50 films till now for nominations and only 3 of them have been nominated to date. There are so many movies that are brilliant but couldn’t catch the attention of mainstream audiences. There are also movies that would have had a greater chance of nomination. The jury which makes the decision must think in what ways are our movies falling back. By looking at it they can send movies that have a higher chance of getting nominated. So here are 7 Indian Movies that deserved to be sent for Oscar Nominations

1. Tumbbad

tumbbad movie oscar

This movie belongs to the horror and fantasy genre. It is a musical treat and has an interesting mythological storyline. Everything about this movie is unique. Also, the graphics are done brilliantly. The storytelling is so good that you will get hooked till the end. We still don’t know why they didn’t send this original masterpiece to the Oscar nominations.

2. Ratsasan

ratsasan movie oscar

This is a Tamil Masterpiece that was released in 2018 and is one of the best Crime/Romance movies. Meanwhile, the audience even says that it’s one of the best psychological suspense thrillers. They have created a movie that doesn’t have loopholes in the storyline. Also, the audience was hooked to the screen. The movie matches up to Hollywood psycho-thriller movies.

3. Chotushkone

Chotushkone movie oscar

This is a Bengali movie that was released in 2014. The storyline revolves around 4 directors who want to make a film together. Their stories are connected to each other by death. This movie also won a national award for best direction. The screenplay and best cinematography were brilliant too. It received positive reviews from both audiences as well as critics.

4. Kumbalangi Nights

Kumbalangi Nights Indian movies for Oscar Nominations

When the movie’s storyline isn’t complicated yet has depth, it becomes worth watching. This is a Malayalam movie that was released in 2019. The storylines are not one dimensional, it has different layers added to it. The audience can totally relate to the emotions and life-changing moments of the characters. This makes the movie stand out from others.

5. The Tashkent Files

the tashkent files movie oscar

One of the underrated Bollywood movies released in 2019, it’s a masterpiece and the movie is gripping. It is also engaging and makes us aware of Indian History. The movie goes through all the questions one by one and makes us think about the answers. Also, the emotions captured were absolutely brilliant and a great effort by the entire team. This is one of the Indian movies which deserved to go for Oscar Nominations

6. Paan Singh Tomar

paan singh tomar Indian movies for Oscar Nominations

This was a masterpiece that was released in 2012. Irfan Khan made it phenomenal. His performance was flawless and impeccable. Also, his wife Gill comes up with a restrained performance. It was an intense movie that was based on real-life characters. This will be one of the most critically acclaimed movies in Hindi Cinema at all times.

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