6 Chocolate Treat Brands That You Can’t Resist

6 Chocolate Treat Brands That You Can’t Resist

When the urge for a snack strikes, we all rush to find some tasty but healthy solutions that will satisfy not only our hunger but also all of our cravings. In the chocolate market, Indian bean-to-bar chocolate producers have progressively but gradually carved out a niche for themselves. These Indian chocolate treat brands have made chocolate as opulent and flavorful as the best wines. 

We, therefore, know just the right online chocolate shops that you ought to check out if you have a huge sweet tooth and are constantly craving chocolate or sweets to snack on.

Here are the six chocolate treat brands, best for gifting.

1. Nova Nova

We have always known that the creamy chocolate at the bottom of any ice cream cone is its best feature. The company sells miniature waffle cones that are formed just like the last bit of a chocolate cone. And that’s why Nova Nova concurs with us! 

The scrumptious chocolate-filled little waffle bites are freshly cooked to order. Customers can pick between Belgian chocolate, white and dark kinds, or even a blend of flavors, and each box contains about 60 pieces of small cones.

You can order from Nova Nova here.

Nova Nova

2. Open Secret

Open Secret is a mission-driven business that wants to change the status quo in the chocolate industry. Moreover, they want to de-junk everyone’s favorite munchies in India. 

Because Open Secret Caramel Chocolate Bars are a wicked treat that ain’t so sinful anymore, don’t limit the number of nibbles you consume. They offer a wide range of goodies, including cookies, dry fruits, and more.

Order from Open Secret now!

Open Secret

3. Smoor

Using couverture chocolates, SMOOR, a renowned luxury chocolate brand with headquarters in Bangalore, creates the ultimate indulgence experience. 

By offering the best chocolates, macaroons, and pastries, SMOOR aims to give its customers a complete gastronomic experience.

Here’s their website link.

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4. The Whole Truth

Their aim is straightforward. They produce food in such a way that they can proudly list each and every ingredient up front. And because they have nothing to conceal, they are free to speak the complete truth. 

You simply can’t miss The Whole Truth Foods’ tasty and healthy chocolates. They only use nuts, dates, berries, and fudgy, gooey chocolate in their desserts, which are the healthiest and tastiest around.

The Whole Truth

5. The NutJob Foods 

Love chocolate but want healthy foods? Nut Job is your answer! To ensure that their delicious goods always include a nutritional component, NutJob Foods make their snacks with nuts, seeds, or dried fruits as their main ingredients.

Moreover, their products are so perfectly sized and bite-sized that they are the ideal size to pack in your bag or tiffin as a filling and nourishing snack for when it’s snack time!

The NutJob Foods

6. Lil Goodness 

Lil’ Goodness has been thoughtfully created by two fathers whose interests in food, nutrition, and science are compatible. The company focuses on children’s nutrition and food. 

The idea of gut-healthy prebiotic chocolates and milkshakes, extruded snacks based on the super grain teff, and the distinctive 100% natural Vitamin B12 Jaggery were all invented by LiL’Goodness.

Lil Goodness 

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