5 Weird Weddings That Happened With Animals and Things

5 Weird Weddings That Happened With Animals and Things

For two incredibly lucky people, getting married is frequently a fantastic and joyous celebration filled with happiness and confetti. In other situations, it could happen in a weird way that makes you worry. Yes, we are talking about weird weddings!

When some people married objects and creatures that held special meaning for them, they did it seriously. And in all honesty, it’s still preferable to wed a stranger you won’t even see on the wedding night.

But what will happen when they depart for their honeymoon? 

Here are the 5 weird weddings that happened with animals and things. 

1. David Siroski and Burrito 

Because he was sick of seeing friends’ mushy photos, author David Sikorski hired photographer Kristina Bakrevski to take pictures of him and his tortilla wife, a Carne Asada filled with fries and avocado. 

The odd couple shared a champagne picnic while taking pictures in front of some of San Francisco’s most famous sites, including Ocean Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge.

2. Akihoki Konda married a Hologram 

Akihiko Kondo, a fictional Japanese heterosexual, had a 10-year relationship with the singing voice synthesiser Hatsune Miku. As a result of technology providing him with a holographic version in 2018, Akihiko wed Miku. Kondo may communicate with Miku using the Gatebox device. 

His virtual nuptial existence, however, experienced a problem once the device’s tech support ended. Miku and Kondo can no longer communicate. 

3. Sharon Tendler wed a dolphin

According to Sharon, meeting Cindy the dolphin was “love at first sight.” She became the first person to marry a dolphin when she wed Cindy in a small ceremony at Dolphin Reef.

4. Lee Jin-gyu married his pillow

Lee developed a romantic attachment to his “dakimakura,” a cuddly pillow with anime characters printed on it. He made the decision to tie the knot with his pillow in a special ceremony officiated by a local priest because it featured an image of Fate Testarossa. Even the pillow had on a white robe. Humans come before pillows.

5. Bimbala Das married a snake

A snake was married to an Orissan woman named Bimbala Das during a Hindu ceremony. She had expressed her love for the snake and her desire to wed. The villagers agreed with the concept and believed it would benefit both them and the community as a whole. However, this is not the first occasion where a human has wed an animal in India.

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