5 Types Of People You Need To Beware Of On Dating Apps

Dating Apps 5 Types Of People You Need To Beware Of On Dating Apps

Dating apps are a modern trend. There was a time when people had to meet and know each other to fall in love. But now you can find your partner from a random dating app. Our social life has expanded as we can stay in touch and know what’s going on in each other’s life on our phones. Apps like tinder are very user-friendly and have revolutionized online dating just through swiping left or right. All though a lot of people prefer traditional ways of dating, others are regular users of dating apps and have found the partner they want. But on the other hand, people have been fooled, cheated, and have even got harassed due to online dating. Here are 5 types of people you need to beware of on dating apps.

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1. Married But Looking for “Friends”

You can find married men or women who are just looking for “Friends”. Many times they don’t even reveal that they are married. Once you start talking to them and understand that they are married, they may still lurk around by saying that they are not happy in their married life and that they are ready to divorce their partner for you. Don’t fall into this trap, stay away.

2. Stalkers

It’s difficult to recognize a stalker in the beginning. Keep the conversation very casual and limited to a single app. If they start stalking you on all other platforms, unnecessarily sending you messages on Instagram, and repeatedly asking for your number, it’s time for your ‘Stalker Alert!’ alarms to blare.

3. Toxic Baggage

If you come across a person who is still not over their ex, you should stay away. They are looking for a rebound, which is not wrong. But are you willing to carry their emotional needs and will you be okay if they leave you and get back with their ex? There is no guarantee that they will stick to the person they met online compared to the other person whom they still have feelings for.

4. The One Who Vanishes

Many times the people we meet online, get close to us very easily. We tend to overshare things and get emotionally involved. But sometimes they may disappear into thin air. Be careful and know what you are getting into before getting emotionally attached.

5. Phobia Of Commitment

If you are looking for long-term and happy relationships on dating apps, stay away from people looking for casual dates and hookups. Be clear with what you want and try to find out the intention of the other person as well. This will help you to avoid getting hurt. We wish you a healthy non-toxic online relationship.

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