5 Traits of Leo Sign you can’t disagree with.

5 Traits of Leo Sign you can't disagree with.

Astrology and zodiac signs are a vast topic. Meanwhile, there are some who trust the signs whereas there are others who don’t believe in them. Astrology is considered pseudoscience as there is no scientific answer to it. Astrology says that human behavior changes according to the celestial activity. There are 12 zodiac signs according to this study. People born between July 23 and August 22 belong to the Leo zodiac sign. This zodiac sign is usually associated with a fire symbol. Here are some unique Traits of the Leo sign. See if you can relate to them.

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1. Drive


Leos are often known for their drive. They have a strong desire to rule or dominate. As the sign of this zodiac sign is lion too, one can imagine how dominating they can get. They have the drive to get things done and feed their ego too. The drive can be a positive part of their life as well as negative.

2. Ego


There is a fine line between self-respect and ego. Sometimes Leo tends to step over the line and mistake their ego for self-respect. Moreover, they will never surrender to things which they don’t believe in. Also, they will keep trying to prove their point. This is one of the negative Traits of Leo.

3. Steal The Spotlight


This is something that most Leos unknowingly do. They love to be in the spotlight and have everyone’s attention. Meanwhile, you cannot call them attention seekers as they tend to get attention and focus without a lot of effort. Also, they are naturally loved by most people.

4. Large Hearted


As superior as they feel, just like their symbol Lion, they are warm and nice to be with too. Also, they don’t think twice before helping their friend or anyone else in need. Meanwhile, in a way, it gives them a sense of superiority. But they don’t blink twice for helping others in the way they can.

5. Paternal Instincts


They care deeply for the people around them. Unknowingly they have these paternal instincts in their veins. They often tend to scold you like you are their own sibling or children. Sometimes it’s too much to handle but they do it with the right intentions.

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