5 Times Sushmita Sen Proved To Be A Great Role Model That World Needs

Sushmita Sen

In 1994, a tall, lanky beauty strolled the catwalk with assurance and captured the admiration of both the judges and the audience with her sympathetic reactions and sharp banter. Sushmita Sen has personified the phrase “lady of substance” ever since the crown was placed on her head—and maybe even before that. 

The actor and former Miss Universe is famous for setting an example for others and speaking her mind. She has championed several social welfare and women’s causes. 

Here are a few factors that make us love Sushmita Sen even more!

1. Single mother to two adopted kids 

Sen adopted a newborn girl when she was just 24 years old and unmarried, and she quickly made her the centre of her universe. She adopted another young lady ten years later. As they mature, Renee and Alisah become self-assured, independent young women, exactly like their lovely mother. Sen previously stated in an interview that while many people saw her decision to adopt as a charitable act, for her it was a matter of self-preservation. The single mother considers the bond she has with her children to be the most sincere since she believes they are the products of her heart.

2. A true fighter 

Career highs and lows can be dealt with, but what happens when you are faced with a significant health problem that you have no control over? Sen was identified as having Addison’s disease, an autoimmune disorder, in 2014. Her default feelings became exhaustion, irritability, and anger, and the side effects of the steroids did nothing to change this. Being the fighter that she is, the former Miss Universe turned to nunchaku workouts and guided meditation to help her body heal. Sen has been rid of the illness and the medications since 2019 as a result of the efforts that were made.

3. The strongest backbone for women out there 

Sen, an independent woman in her own right, is always outspoken about her support for topics related to women’s rights, including closing the gender wage gap and educating girls. The actor recently presented with the prestigious Champions of Change Award 2020 for her contribution to social welfare and women’s empowerment. Sen informed her followers on Instagram that she had won the prize on behalf of the nation’s strongest backbone: women.

4. Her confidence is always on point!

One time, 25 contenders withdrew from the Miss India pageant in 1994. Why? After learning that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan would be competin. So? Because she was already well-known at the time. However, Sushmita not only competed but also defeated Aishwariya and took home the crown.

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5. Age has no bar!

Sushmita has always managed to set the bars high with her life choices. Be it her relationship with her ex-boyfriend or recently Lalit Kumar Modi, she never fails to impress us.

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