5 Times Jaya Bachchan was Rude and Obnoxious to the Public & Fans

5 Times Jaya Bachchan was Rude and Obnoxious to the Public & Fans

Jaya Bachchan is a well-known celebrity, a legacy Hindi cinema artist, and one of the highly-privileged, influential people of India. She is a Rajya Sabha member, a Bollywood veteran of repute, and the wife of the big daddy of the Hindi film industry, Amitabh Bachchan.

Jaya Bachchan’s stardom, fame, and fortune exudes out of her million-dollar mansion, her high-paying media appearances, and her association with the top brass of celebrities and stars in India.

However, the same cannot be said for her scathing opinions on various subject matters and her political affiliations. Or even about her demeanor with her own fans, the general public, and towards her opponents on the political field. Her recent outburst at the Rajya Sabha where she “cursed” members led to an outright ruckus. Not long ago, she had made similar remarks about a fellow parliamentarian ‘Ravi Kishan’. She passed a comment about ‘thaali mein chhedh’. This comment offended people for being classist. Its baffling how such a famous personality gets away with being rude and obnoxious to people who try to get a picture of her fabulous family, and who actually grant her much-coveted celebrity status. Here are 5 times Jaya Bacchan was rude & obnoxious to the public and fans:

1. When she reprimanded Selfie-taking fans:

Jaya Bachchan reprimanded fans for taking pictures of her on their mobile phones. With a scowl on her face, she beckons to a man who took a picture of her on his mobile phone in the midst of the paparazzi. She then goes on to reprimand him in the rudest way possible and asks another fan, “Sorry?? Is that the only English word you’ve learned?” for doing the same. Watch the video here:

2. When she schooled Media at an event:

Check out this next video where Jaya Bachchan is seen interacting at a Media event. While speaking on the microphone, she suddenly turns to the cameras flashing away to give them a piece of her mind. In typical high-school principal fashion, Jaya Bachchan scolds the media and the audience clicking pictures of her. She says, “We Indians need basic education which needs to be taught in schools and colleges.” She finishes off her tirade with a classic “I hate indiscipline!”

3. When she expressed anger at an event manager:

Jaya Bachchan seems fit to burst at the slightest opportunity. Her infamous angry scowl is trigerred without warning. Watch this video where Jaya Bacchan is clearly expressing her displeasure at an event manager during an ‘exhibition’. She seems annoyed about some inconvenience and her radiant smile quickly turns into an unpleasant scowl.

4. Telling off a reporter:

In yet another episode of Jaya Bacchan rudely educating people, she is seen snapping at a reporter who asked her a question during an event. She looks angry and annoyed and tells the reporter, “Is this the place to ask this question? Listen, don’t act smart with me!” before pushig his microphone away.

5. There’s so much more:

If you thought you’ve seen the worst, check out this video which shows the full extent of her demeanour with the public. If you type ‘jaya bachchan rude’ or ‘jaya bachchan angry’ on YouTube, you’ll know! Make sure to grab some popcorn first. In the first clip, she is seen roughly shoving a man’s head away from a rally truck on which she is seated and is waving to people. Watch the entire video here:

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