5 Super Easy And Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Indian Breakfast

These quick and easy breakfast recipes, which also work well as late snacks, are worth bookmarking whether you’re a morning person or not. There are so many staple food ideas which you can easily make at home within 15-20 minutes. Apart from being easy, these are healthy Indian breakfast options as well. From a simple poha to a classic besan chilla, an egg bhurji, and more, Indians all around the country enjoy these different cuisines.

Here are some healthy Indian breakfast ideas for you!

#1 Poha

Cuisine: Maharashtrian

Diet: Vegetarian

Meal: Breakfast, Snack

Poha is a Maharashtrian breakfast dish that is popular throughout the country. Poha is one of the most popular breakfast foods in India since it is not only light and healthful, but it also strikes the spot when you need instant fuel to start your day. Another advantage is that you can play around with the ingredients a lot—some versions include potatoes and peas, while others are garnished with bhujia, pomegranate seeds, or grated coconut.

#2 Aloo Paratha 

Cuisine: Punjabi

Diet: Vegetarian

Meal: Breakfast

A mainstay in North Indian homes, aloo paratha is one of the country’s most popular morning meals. For most people, they elicit powerful morning reminiscence, whether it’s the tandoor-cooked ones at dhabas on road trips or the homely pan-crisped versions your mother served with a side of curd, achaar, and dollops of white butter.

#3 Egg Bhurji

Cuisine: Indian

Diet: Non-vegetarian

Meal: Breakfast, Snack

Few recipes are as adaptable as the egg bhurji, which may be eaten alone or with a variety of sides such as pav, naan, roti, or parathas. This spiced and scrambled egg recipe, which is also popular as a street meal in India, takes only a few minutes to prepare and requires only a few basic cupboard ingredients.

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#4 Besan Chilla

Cuisine: Indian

Diet: Gluten-free

Meal: Breakfast, Snack

Given our never-ending demand for diversity at the dining table, deciding what to serve for breakfast every day can be a chore in an Indian household. The besan chilla is a morning favourite that rarely disappoints. The variety of stuffing possibilities, such as cottage cheese, green chillies, or onions, is one of the finest aspects of these savoury pancakes. They’re also light, nutritious, and gluten-free. 

#5 Vegetable Upma

Cuisine: South Indian 

Diet: Healthy 

Meal: Breakfast, Diet snack 

One of the most famous South Indian breakfast recipes is vegetable upma. Each of us should have these types of go-to recipes on hand for when we don’t feel like cooking our usual meal or need a last-minute meal idea when we don’t have anything planned.

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