5 Steamy Movies To Watch For An Intense Night With Bae

Steamy Movies

Movie night with your loved one is something which most of us look forward to. Of course, that’s the best way to spend quality time with each other. And if it’s a long-distance relationship, then we have streaming options such as watch party which can come in handy. This will definitely spice up your relationship. But when it comes to the selection of which movie to watch, we often land in confusion. Romcoms are often the best choice for movie night. But to spice up your relationship, here are a few steamy movies on Netflix and steamy movies on prime for a well-deserved romantic night.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey

This series is one of the most popular in the erotic genre. The story revolves around a billionaire. Anastasia is the protagonist who comes to interview a billionaire as she has to fill in for her journalist friend. In the process of having a relationship with him, she slowly discovers that his tormented past has a role to play as an influence in his sexual life. The Fifty Shades Series has some intensely erotic scenes that are sure to get you and your partner charged up. Oh, also watch out for the BDSM!

2. Chicago

Gen Z may not have heard about this movie. This movie is perfect for couples who crave thrillers along with intense vibes. This is a sexy crime drama where the diva is responsible for the murder and you will also get to see the process of how her Lawyer tries to defend her. We all know how Catherine Zeta-Jones is a stunning actress and in this movie, she nails it.

Steamy movies

3. Mr and Mrs Smith

Who wouldn’t want to see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together onscreen in a steamy romance movie? This 2005 classic is a treat by itself. This real-life duo shared screen space only twice and you wouldn’t want to miss seeing them together if you haven’t already. What better way to do it than with bae? They play the role of a married couple who are secretly assassins and they have done it passionately. Grab some popcorn to see how good they look together and you will have a great time. The fiery chemistry and excruciating sexual tension between both the actors as well as their characters on-screen explodes like lava in one of the steamiest sex scenes mid-way through the movie. It’s definitely a must-watch to get things kick-started with bae. Its also one of the top steamy movies to add to your streaming list.

4. 9½ Weeks 

You can call this movie an 80’s Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s about two complete strangers who get involved with each other. It starts with courtship and later the movie gets extremely sexual. The movie is filled with kinky scenes and is very passionate. But the protagonist slowly realized that the guy isn’t sharing any other piece of information in his life other than their sexual equation. Watch the movie to see what decision she takes. It’s one of the most intense movies you will find.

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5. Unfaithful

Extra Maritial affairs often make for hot steamy movies to watch, either alone or with bae. The script is beautifully written and is well portrayed by the actors of the movie. The anguish of the husband who has the fear of his wife slipping away is perfectly captured. Also, she tries to live a double life and shows how thinking about consequences can actually help. It also shows that the consequences of affairs can be a lot more than one’s imagination.

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