5 Reasons Why Makdee Was The Scariest Movie Of The 00’s

5 Reasons Why Makdee Was The Scariest Movie Of The 00's

Don’t we all remember the movie Makdee with Shweta Basu Prasad and Shabana Azmi? Despite the fact that this 2002 picture from Vishal Bharadwaj didn’t win over the reviewers, it still became a cult favorite and immensely entertained the children who were supposed to be its target audience. Everyone talked about the movie when it first came out, and after seeing it, they all agreed that Makdee was incredibly spooky.

This masterwork has been available for 20 years. However, it still gave us the willies! In addition, it is one of the most enjoyable films of our youth. Makdee has everything, from catchy tunes like “O papad wale” to hilarious practical jokes by Shweta’s Chunni!

1. Shabana Azmi as a 500-Year-Old Witch

Everyone had dreams about her greenish witch makeup and those long nails. Before Hermione Granger, she was the only witch who had the power to completely alter in my mind what a witch was. Do you recall how she pretended to be drinking blood when she drank grape juice? What a terrifying scene!

2. The Scary Mansion 

In the movie, we find out about the fable that anyone who enters the mansion will leave as an animal. We definitely developed a dread of the haveli and anything that resembled it after reading this. But on top of that, the way the mansion is shown will really send chills down your spine.

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3. The witch turning Munni into a Hen

Many folks were actually traumatized by this experience. It’s one thing to hear about something superstitious, but it’s much scarier if it turns out to be true. When the legend of the mansion came true and Munni, who had entered the mansion, did in fact turn into an animal, it was scary as hell. 

4. Consequences above all

It was entertaining to see Chunni make trouble and play practical jokes on everyone in the village, but when Chunni’s tricks backfire and she ends up being abducted by the witch, we found that to be really unsettling.

5. Animal Sacrifice 

Chunni made a terrible pact with the witch when they first met in order to preserve her sister’s life. The witch demanded that Chunni arranges for a hundred hens as payment before she would convert Munni back into a human. For a young child, this assignment was incredibly difficult. But at the time, we believed that was Chunni’s sole option for recovering her sister.

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