5 Popular Netflix Releases Of August 2022

5 Popular Netflix Releases Of August 2022

Netflix always keeps us engaged every month with its new releases. Binge-watching is something we never get tired of, do we? During the pandemic shows and series were an integral part of our lives. Every week we get to see new series and movies which adds to the Netflix list. Some of the series touch our hearts, while some other series lead us to sleepless nights. When the new season of our favorite series releases, happiness has no bounds. So here are some awaiting Netflix series and movies which is going to be released in August 2022.

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1. Locke & Key

Locke & Key season 3 netflix
Locke & Key Season 3

This series revolves around 3 siblings whose father had been recently murdered. They end up moving to a house that has reality-bending keys. This series is fantasy drama along with bits of supernatural horror. Meanwhile, the series first aired in 2020. Also, the third season is being released in August 2020. Finally, the third season is up on Netflix for everyone who was following this show.

2. The Sandman

The sandman netflix show
The sandman

Fantasy drama along with some bits of supernatural horror is something that we all crave. The series was released on August 5. Meanwhile, this series revolves around a cosmic being who has the ability to control dreams but is captured as a prisoner. He is on a mission to travel to different timelines and worlds to fix the problems his absence has caused. This show was one of the most awaited Netflix releases.

3. Darlings

Darlings netflix Alia Bhatt
Darlings on Netflix

This series was released on August 5th and took Netflix by storm. It received lots of love from critics as well as the audience. The series is about Badru who thinks her husband gets violent due to his drinking problem and is waiting for him to reform. Also, The series has a brilliant cast and everyone has done a great job.

4. Never Have I Ever

never have i ever netflix season 3
Never Have I Ever

One of the great Binge-watching shows during the pandemic was Never Have I Ever. This comedy-drama deals with an Indian American Teenager and her school life. It soon became very popular among Indians due to our cultural reference. On 12th August Netflix will be releasing the third season. Also, Tune on to Netflix to see who Devi really ends up with.

5. Delhi Crime Season 2

Delhi Crime Season 2
Delhi Crime Season 2

The first season of Delhi Crime had sent chills to our spines. Also, the portrayal of the story and the acting was phenomenal. Now Shifali Shah is back with her season 2 where DCP Vartika. Meanwhile, Season 1 was about the Delhi gang rape case and about the police investigation of the crime. Season 2 of the series is about a murder case involving senior citizens.

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