5 Mysterious Places In India Which Will Make Your Jaw Drop

5 Mysterious Places In India Which Will Make Your Jaw Drop

India is a land of some incredible destinations. One lifetime isn’t enough to travel to all the places in India. From snowy terrains in Ladakh to rainy places in Meghalaya. Dusty deserts in Rajasthan to sandy beaches in the coastal region, there are some amazing tourist places to visit in India. Traveling to places with some mystery and a long story makes a trip even better. There are numerous strange places in India to visit. So here are 5 Mysterious places in India which will make your jaw drop.

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1. Magnetic Hill

magnetic hill ladakh india

This strange place is located in Ladakh in India. This Hill which is present near Leh is famous for the optical illusion it creates. The road is a downhill road, but the objects on the road such as vehicles seem that they move upwards by not following rules of gravity. Meanwhile, it’s just an illusion as it is rolling downhill. Localities still believe that this path is a gateway to heaven. Who doesn’t deserve it do not make into heaven while others make it the abode of heaven?

2. Floating Lake

loktak lake floating lake manipur india

It is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. Also, it is home to a floating small island kind of thing called Phumdis. The surface of the island is spongy which gives it a trampoline kind of structure. It is also called as lifeline of Manipur. This island is also home to almost 425 species of animals, more than 100 species of birds, and 233 species of aquatic plants. Pretty mysterious place in India isn’t it?

3. Ranakpur Jain Temple

ranakpur jain temple india

If you are into architecture then this place must be on your bucket list. There are almost 1444 pillars but none of them are similar to each other. Despite having so many pillars one can see the sanctum sanctorum from any part of the temple. The color of the pillar even changes when light falls on it depending on which time of the day it is. The color varies from golden to pale blue.

4. Mayong

mayong black magic india

This place is called as Black Magic capital of India. Due to its mystery, this place is now one of the popular destinations to visit for people who seek thrill in their life. If you visit this place you can explore archaeological remains, ancient artifacts, and books associated with black magic, witchcraft. There is also a wildlife sanctuary called Probitora Wildlife Sanctuary which is particularly popular for one horn rhinoceros.

5. Roopkund

roopkund skeleton lake india

Also called as  “Lake of skeletons” it is located at almost 5,029 meters above sea level. This lake is very spooky as almost the skeletons of as many as 800 people were found. Genetic analysis was done too and it said that they were from eastern Mediterranean genetic markers with South Asian origin. But the mystery is still that we don’t know how did these skeletons land on this terrain. Isn’t it one of the Mysterious Places In India?

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