5 Men in Bollywood Movies Who Deserved Better

5 Men in Bollywood Movies Who Deserved Better

Some of the Bollywood stories are so toxic and the surprising thing is no one complaints about it too. With the weird concept of the girl not being Hot or beautiful enough and she gets a makeover in the middle of the movie, things change completely in her life. Similarly, the main Skeleton of Bollywood movies always has a Hero, who will win at any odds and get the girl. But the Irony is other nicer, better Guys are just taken advantage of. It might sound surprising but it’s true, but you will be pretty convinced by the end of this article. So here 5 Times Men In Bollywood Movies Were Taken Advantage Of & Should Have Said No To The Girl.

1. Shahrukh Khan in Pardes

This 90s movie has a huge fan base and it really well in its times. Shahrukh Khan played the character of Arjun who was the victim in the movie unknowingly. He helps Rajeev and Ganga as a matchmaker and when Ganga faces problems with Rajeev, Arjun becomes a pawn of help again. When Rajeev’s family starts noticing the closeness of Arjun and Ganga, they send him to the US in name of the business and uprooting his life. But somehow the makers give a happy ending of Arjun reuniting with Ganga. But Arjun deserved better than being just a victim of a toxic couple.

2. Akshay Kumar in Dhadkan

Akshay Kumar is playing the character of Ram, who is kind-hearted. He is chosen as a groom by Anjali’s father. Shilpa Shetty is playing the character of Anjali in this movie. Anjali is in love with Dev, but her father rejected the proposal. Later Anjali agrees to her parent’s wishes and marries Ram. Ram is a man of ideals and Anjali realizes she is falling in love with him and both confess love to each other. But three years later, Dev returns back being wealthy and wants to reunite with Anjali. It’s unbelievable that she is confused despite being married to Ram for 3 years. Anjali stands with Ram, but Dev is unable to stand rejection and sets ruin Ram’s life. What on earth was Ram’s fault? Being victim at his best!

3. Ajay Devgan in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Here Aishwarya Rai falls in Love with Salman Khan, who is playing the character of Sameer, but her parents have different plans for her. When her family understands the secret affair, Salman is banished from the household and he leaves for Italy. Meanwhile, Nandhini who is played by Aishwarya Rai gets married to Vanraj, Ajay Devgan. He is completely unaware of her feelings for Sameer realizes that his marriage is the namesake while he reads the old letters which Sameer sent Nandhini. And he decides to reunite the lovers. But Vanraj, Do you really wanted to involve yourself in this triangle?

4. Sunny Deol in Dillagi

This is a story of two brothers who are played by Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. Sunny Deol is laying the character of the elder brother who takes responsibility for looking after the younger one, after his mother’s death. This story also has a love triangle and too much going on for Urmila who plays the character of Shalini. Sunny Deol’s character is mature but ends up going through so much trauma. However, he gets a happy ending with Shalini, but was it worth it? Another example for Men in Bollywood who deserved better.

5. Aman In Kuch Kuch Hota Hain

Aman was such a supportive, caring character. But Anjali ends up reuniting with her college love and best friend Rahul, who actually left her years ago. Rahul showed up just because his wife Tina is no more. Meanwhile, Aman was left heartbroken. The majority of the Audience felt that the movie had a happy ending. But do you really believe that? Men in Bollywood also deserve better

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