5 Lesser Known Facts About Ajit Doval, The James Bond Of India

Facts about Ajit Doval

Ajit Doval, India’s National Security Advisor, is known as the “James Bond” of the country. It would be ridiculous to believe he had a showy life like that British secret agent from the movies. Moreover, there are many less known facts about Ajit Doval, James Bond of India.

Doval is a real person. Also, he is famous as one of India’s top spies. Despite his unassuming demeanour – Doval isn’t particularly tall — the NSA commands the respect of his peers and the confidence of his subordinates.

Here are some less known facts about Ajit Doval:

1. Terminator of Hijacking Incidents 

With his meticulous preparation, persuasion abilities, and knowledge, Ajit Doval was able to put an end to the hijackings of Indian Airlines planes. Doval foiled 15 attempted hijackings between 1971 and 1999.

2. Founder Director of Vivekananda International Foundation 

In 2009, Doval was named the first Director of the Vivekananda International Foundation. It is a think tank and spiritual institution founded by Vivekananda Kendra.

3. Operation Black Thunder 

Ajit Doval participated in the rescue mission for Romanian diplomat Liviu Radu. In 1988, Doval walked into Amritsar’s Golden Temple to gather crucial intelligence ahead of the start of Operation Black Thunder. Also, Doval entered the shrine under the guise of a Pakistani spy in front of the Khalistani militants who were present.

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Moreover, this critical intelligence was provided on by a former Indian Intelligence Officer. Also, it proved to be incredibly useful during the Black Thunder Operation.

4. Operations in Mizoram 

Six of Laldenga’s seven leaders won over by Ajit Doval during the Mizo National Front (MNF) conflict. He spent the most of his time in the Arakan region of Burma, as well as within Chinese territory, with the Mizo National Army. Moreover, he then travelled to Sikkim to assist with the state’s merger with India.

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5. Surgical Strike 

The surgical attack in Pakistan was a success because of Ajit Doval’s rigorous planning skills. Moreover, his wisdom and expertise. Moreover, his invaluable advice and aid to Prime Minister Narendra Modi helped our country revenge the heinous Uri atrocity.

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