5 Incredibly well-written, Mind-Blowing TV shows

5 Incredibly well-written, Mind-Blowing TV shows

TV shows are an addiction and fodder for the infamous ‘binge-watch’ that everyone is sick of doing but can’t get enough of. A TV series is either a train wreck or a life-altering experience, either way you can’t tear your eyes off of it. People shared names of TV shows that were incredibly well-written and that blew their minds. Here are 5 best tv shows we loved and rewatched without any guilt:

1. Chernobyl – HBO:

chernobyl hbo

Chernobyl showed the gruesome, mind-numbing details of how an entire town was laid to waste due to negligence at a nuclear power plant facility in current day Ukraine. It was an addictive HBO series that was incredibly well-written. In the climax of the series, Legasov laid bare the mistakes that led to one of the biggest man-made disasters in the world. The courtroom scene was well-written to the point where our minds were blown by some of the horrific details of the accident.

2. Suits:

suits tv show

The Suits TV show was not a boring suit-and-tie series about a bunch of lawyers but showed the intricacies of being a high-paid lawyer in a corporate firm in America. We saw the evils of the job while enjoying the blossoming of a terrific friendship between Harvey and Mike. Oh, and the scene where Mike gets hired like a boss despite not being from Harvard was pure gold and blew our minds for the way it was written which struck a chord with viewers..

3. Game of Thrones – Except Seasons 7 & 8

game of thrones daenerys

Love it, hate it, but you have to admit that the tv series started off on a grand note and was definitely well-written throughout the seasons until season 7 came round where the entry of David Benioff and D.B Weiss as writers gradually led to the demise of the show as well as its cult fan-following. There were too many iconic scenes in seasons 1-6 that blew people’s minds. For instance, the opening scene of Season 1 where Ser Waymar Royce was killed. And we saw the first glimpse of the White Walkers. Also, Melisandre bringing Jon Snow back from the dead was pure iconic.

4. The Haunting of Hill House:

the haunting of hill house

Both the Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor were spooky tales of a familial haunting in a gigantic mansion. The Haunting of Hill House was certainly very different from all other generic Hollywood horror movies or series. The time-lapses and the intertwining of an ancient tale of two sisters was a tragic story. It culminated into a modern-day nightmare for the inhabitants of a house in the woods which was nail-bitingly thrilling. Also, the suspense at every turn and the deep dialogues and storyline make it a well-written, mind-blowing series.

5. Avatar the Last Airbender:

avatar the last air bender

Avatar is a classic anime series that most of us grew up watching. This series is full of beautiful lessons and anecdotes of friendship and love. The kung-fu, religious and spiritual symbolism, culture, and heritage of the far east were splendidly shown despite it being a kids’ animated show. Anime fans have watched, rewatched, and immortalized it for being one of the legendary tv shows to ever be made.

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