5 Haunted Hotels In India That Have Spine Chilling Stories

5 Haunted Hotels In India That Have Spine Chilling Stories

There are several tales concerning haunting hotels in India that have been abandoned for centuries. What if we told you that some locations still allow visitors while also being regarded as haunted? You did hear correctly. In India, a few prestigious hotels are rumoured to be haunted. 

See whether you recognise any names of these Haunted Hotels in India on the list, have been there, or WANT to attend.

1. Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

Brij Raj Bhavan, which was constructed in 1830, was first a palace, then a state guesthouse, and in 1980 it was transformed into a heritage hotel. 

The motel is famous for its eerie atmosphere. When the Sepoy Mutiny broke out in 1857, a group of Indian soldiers attacked the palace where Major Charles Burton and his family were living. The attack resulted in the deaths of the English officer and his children. 

The bodies are allegedly in the palace’s main hall after that. Residents in the area reportedly started seeing odd figures and hearing eerie noises after that.

Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

2. Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace is the city’s most eerie location. Numerous negative things have happened there, including terrorism, fatalities, and spirits. Since its opening in 1903, the Taj Mahal has catered to different celebrities and VVIPs. 

W.A. Chambers, the Taj Mahal Palace’s architect, committed himself by jumping from the fifth storey due to a building fault. The visitor claims to have seen his ghost wandering the hallways. According to reports, Chambers is still in charge of the hotel and recently stopped a worker from trying to steal priceless cutlery by knocking him out cold.

3. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Several paranormal experts acknowledged that this is one of the most haunted hotels in the nation, despite it not being a large or opulent hotel. On the ground level, a room tucked away behind the reception area is terrifyingly scary. Visitors who stayed in certain rooms reports that the bedclothes yanked off while they slept. When they woke up in the middle of the night, some visitors reported feeling a blue glow. The hotel ceased renting out this specific room as a result of the rising number of reports of such instances.

4. Hotel Fern Hill, Ooty

The hotel was constructed in 1844 and later turned into a historic building. The region is incredibly eerie and is located in Fernhill. This hotel is also near the Nizam Palace, which was abandoned due to ghostly occurrences and appears to be haunted at night. 

During the shooting of Raaz, the crew members claim that they heard furniture moving and rearranging on the higher floor. Moreover, this caused them to awaken in the middle of the night. The phone line appeared to be dead when they attempted to reach reception. The receptionist informed them there was no upper floor when they arrived at the reception the following day and pointed to the roof above.

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5. Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong

The ghost of Lady Morgan haunts the hotel, making it one of India’s haunted establishments. There are tales of people hearing someone walking in high heels down the wooden hallways. 

As a result of their alleged unease and breathlessness, tourists have also claimed that the reception personnel advised them to keep a bible under their pillows and repeat “Jesus Loves You” before bed.

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