5 Eco-Friendly Retreats That Are Perfect Getaways

Indians are becoming more eco-friendly than ever before. Additionally, they are moving towards sustainable means of transportation, energy, and many other fields. Now Indians are interested in choosing more eco-friendly retreats as well for their perfect getaways. We all want to visit pleasant and beautiful places for an escape from our regular lives.

If you are looking for some perfect and eco-friendly retreats, look no further.

1. Bori Safari Lodge

Betul in MP: The Bori Safari Lodge is located near the famous Bori sanctuary and the Satpura National Park. Besides, you can also go for a walk and appreciate the beauty of the region. However, a naturalist may also accompany you on this walk. Additionally, the lodge is beautiful and has spacious rooms.

2. Khem Villas

Ranthambhore in Rajasthan: The resort is exceptional in the sense that they follow rainwater harvesting and facilitates solar energy. The Khem Villas in Ranthambhore is a fantastic area for your getaway. Not to mention that Rajasthan is in itself one of the best places to visit in the country.

3. Grape County

Nashik in Maharashtra: The Grape County came into existence eight years after the beginning of the construction. The region, which is now a biodiversity park, was a completely barren land years before. However, now the biodiversity park has a scenic view. Besides, you can treat yourself to some lavish rooms in the resort. Additionally, all the tents and the sky rooms are made of eco-friendly substances. You can enjoy it by staying in the beautiful rooms or go on a wine tour. Moreover, you can also explore the region.

4. Ayatana

Coorg in Karnataka: A pet-friendly resort, Ayatana is one of the best getaway resorts in the country. Additionally, it is also an eco-friendly resort and is build by minimum alterations to the environment. You can enjoy the landscape beauty of the place. Besides, you can also have a spa to relax your body after days of work.

5. Meena Bagh Ratnari

Shimla in Himachal Pradesh: The place is far from the hustle-bustle and provides you the perfect time to spend with your loved ones. The four-storeyed bungalow is made of both traditional and modern aesthetics. Besides, it is also made of different natural materials.

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