5 Countries That Celebrate Diwali Just Like India

Countries that celebrate Diwali

Diwali is India’s most important festival, and it is widely observed across the country. However, Diwali is not only observed in India. There are many countries that celebrate Diwali just like India. 

While the United Kingdom and the United States are two additional nations where Diwali is widely observed due to the presence of a big Indian population, Diwali is a relatively new addition to the cultures of these two superpowers. Aside from these, there are eight other countries that celebrate Diwali with nearly the same zeal as India.

1. Fiji

Diwali is celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendour in Fiji because of the large Indian population. It is a public holiday, and people celebrate by exchanging gifts and throwing enormous parties. Schools and colleges are closed for the time being.

2. Indonesia 

Despite the fact that there aren’t many Indians in Indonesia, Diwali is a significant occasion. Almost all of the Diwali traditions that are observed in India are also observed in Indonesia, which is a sight to behold. 

3. Malaysia 

Diwali in Malaysia is known as Hari Diwali, as opposed to Diwali in India, and the customs are slightly different. People begin their day by bathing in oil and then offering prayers at various temples. Because the selling of crackers is prohibited in Malaysia (wonderful, right?), people exchange presents, candy, and well wishes instead.

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Countries that celebrate Diwali

4. Nepal

In Nepal, Diwali is known as Tihar and is celebrated with great zeal. We imagine that because Nepal shares a border with India, the excitement will spread across the two countries. 

Decorating the dwellings, sharing presents, and offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi are all part of the festivities. After Dashain, Diwali is Nepal’s second most important celebration.

Countries that celebrate Diwali

5. Sri Lanka

Due to the large Hindu community in Sri Lanka, Diwali is also celebrated with great pomp. Its proximity to India, as well as its role in the origins of the Diwali festival, is another reason why it is celebrated with such zeal in this country.

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