5 Breakup Signs That States Your Relationship Is No Longer Healthy

Breakup Signs

There’s practically nothing worse than falling head over heels in love with your lover only to be completely surprised by a split later on. The indicators of a breakup or ‘the breakup signs’ might be tough to notice. Moreover, much more difficult to recognise and admit to yourself — if you’re happy and pleased in your relationship.

However, while breakups are not easy, they can be made slightly less painful. Only if you have some sense that something is wrong in your relationship.

Of course, if two individuals are willing to put up the effort to make things work, a relationship on the verge of dissolution can be saved.

However, if a relationship has worsened over time and one or both partners refuse to work on it, a split is almost certain.

Here are five breakup signs that your relationship is about to end.

1. You are defensive about your behaviour

The second prevalent pattern is being protective about one’s actions.

While you’re happy to criticise your partner on a daily basis, you won’t accept them pointing out your own weaknesses, and if they do, the conversation swiftly devolves into a negative one.

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This defensiveness usually originates from a sense of being wronged by their actions. It’s important to remember that it takes two to tango (and take responsibility for failing relationships).

2. You stonewall them in emotional conversations

If you’ve been feeling quite smug since you haven’t engaged in any of the terrible behaviours, you should ask yourself if it’s because you just don’t engage with your spouse anymore.

Do you simply walk away when you notice an argument starting? Or do you take up your phone and start scrolling? It’s important to remember that just because you don’t communicate your feelings doesn’t imply they don’t exist.

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3. Communication Breakdowns

Open and pleasant communication is essential in relationships, but it doesn’t mean we’re all equipped to handle it.

Those who are willing to study the art of communication are more likely to succeed. However, those who are unwilling to do so will continue to suffer.

It isn’t incorrect to take the daring and sometimes untaught path of vulnerably sharing your needs with one another. Swallowing your feelings, on the other hand, is something not healthy at all and iy can end up spoiling your mental peace.

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4. Red flags are hard to ignore

Between a red flag and a flaw, there is a thin line.

If you know the difference between the two, you’ll be able to get out of the situation if necessary.

Are you dismissing what your instinct is telling you? It is a red flag because you’re terrified of being alone. Also, maybe you are unsure if you even deserve a better relationship?

Red flags, on the other hand, are intolerable and tend to shatter confidence. However, flaws can sometimes be acceptable even if they create aggravation.

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5. Your goals don’t align

When partners want different things, it’s one of the most difficult disconnects to tolerate in a relationship. It’s difficult to realign your hopes if you don’t have the same life goals. Moreover, no matter how much you care for each other.

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