5 Bookstores All Book Lovers Must Visit In India

5 Bookstores All Book Lovers Must Visit In India

Ask a book lover about the movies adapted from books. You will get the same response that they didn’t reach the expectation of the books. Take examples of famous series or movies, be it Game of Thrones, Lord Of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Shadow and the Bone; all of them are adapted from books. Reading books is a hobby, oftentimes it makes you feel better. You involve with the characters and you become a part of the fiction world. If you talk about nonfiction, there are comfort books out there. Here are 5 Bookstores which all book lovers must visit in India.

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1. Blossoms, Bangalore

This place is a bookworm’s paradise. We live in a world where ebooks are gaining popularity, but the emotion which paperbacks ignite is something we can’t be expressed into words. This place is huge and you won’t feel like stepping out. You can get rare collections of books here. There are second-hand books which you can buy for a lower price. This place is therapeutic for all Bookworms out there.

2. Higginbothams, Chennai 

This is one of the oldest book stores in India. Almost 175 years old, Higginbothams houses a variety of books and genres along with stationery products and toys. They also have a decent collection of artworks and souvenirs as well. If you are a book lover and you are in Chennai then you must visit the place.

3. Kitab Khana, Mumbai

kitab khana mumbai

This place is very elegant and aesthetic. It is located near Somaiya Bhawan and is close to the Flora fountain. They have friendly staff and they help you to find the books you need. Unlike other book stores, there is a cafe here where you can grab a bite and read the book you just purchased. What more can you ask for? This is one of the must-visit bookstores.

4. Bahrisons, Delhi

Bahrisons delhi

This bookstore has a lot of history. This bookstore is a family-run bookshop that was started in 1953 in New Delhi. If you are looking for a classic or a graphic novel, this place will definitely have it in its collection no matter what. They even deliver books all over India. Visit this book lover’s paradise when you travel to Delhi.

5. Literati Bookshop, Goa

literati bookstore and cafe

This bookshop is located in an old Goan house. This place definitely has warm, welcoming vibes. You will find the books stacked in piles. Everywhere you look, you will find wooden shelves with books. They have new arrivals, bestsellers, nonfiction, and fiction. There is also a cafe nearby to make you comfortable. Goa is a party destination, but if you are a book lover, you can have a laid-back sweet evening at this bookstore too.

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