5 Bollywood star kids who are famous for being famous

5 Bollywood star kids who are famous for being famous

Bollywood has a cult fan following. The elite club of Bollywood comprising of the Kapoor and Khan film families have ruled the industry for decades. But things are slowly changing now. The pandemic shut down the ‘big picture’. The rise of OTT has also changed the game. Audiences want to see intelligent content over glitzy dramas. However, the Indian paparazzi has crossed the limits of obsession over famous names and their children. From tailing Kareena’s son Taimur to snapping any celeb kid on the streets, Bollywood star kids become famous early. In fact, just their Instagram presence is making headlines even though they have done nothing significant except exist. Here are 5 Bollywood star kids who are famous for being famous:

1. Aryan Khan:

The son of Sharukh Khan, Aryan is constantly in the news for everything he does. Including graduating from college, posting a picture, or even just being seen out in public. Apart from his uncanny resemblance to his parents, Aryan has never as much as been seen in an Ad. He is basically famous just for being famous.

2. Suhana Khan:

The daughter of Sharukh and the sister of Aryan Khan, Suhana is already on magazine covers. She is also constantly in the news for her statements. She has even been interviewed although there is no significant achievement that she can call to her name.

3. Navya Naveli Nanda:

The granddaughter of Amitabh Bacchan and Raj Kapoor, Navya is a famous kid. Although she is an entrepreneur following in the footsteps of her father, she is constantly papped. She is also a favorite for gossip blogs and tabloids. People are also of the opinion that her business success was handed to her on a plate. And that here’s nothing substantial to her own person that deserves all the added attention she gets.

4. Shanaya Kapoor:

Introduced on Karan Johar’s Netflix series ‘Fabulous lives of Bollywood wives’, Shanaya is the daughter of Sanjay Kapoor, the brother of Anil Kapoor. Slowly, a lot of PR and media coverage began about her social posts, her dance routine, etc. What is no doubt a well-thought-out strategy, articles, and promotions began cropping up in the news. In no time, Shanaya became famous for being famous even before starring in a movie.

5. Khushi Kapoor:

The sister of Janhvi Kapoor and the daughter of Sridevi, Khushi Kapoor’s only achievements till date are that she studied at New York Film Academy and she is a member of one of the biggest film families in Bollywood. She has already appeared in interviews and has become fodder for Bollywood gossip blogs. The paparazzi are also seen constantly chasing her for photographs.

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