5 Bizarre Crimes You Didn’t Know You Were Committing

Bizarre Crimes

Crime is a kind of entertainment in and of itself because, like it or not, most of us enjoy messed-up criminal stories. We enjoy these stories because they help us see how different we are from people who go out and commit those terrible acts; this does not imply that we are all mentally unstable. There is also a psychological component. Knowing, for example, how a serial killer thinks is fascinating. However, do you know? There are a few things that you’re doing which in some countries are bizarre crimes! 

The strange crimes below, however, lack all of those elements. Many of them are not even illegal. None of them would ever be given the opportunity to star in their own Netflix series because it’s unclear why anyone would do some of the series that don’t even count as crimes.

Here are 5 Bizarre Crimes that are actually considered crimes!

1. Holding a Salmon? Put your hands up!

The Salmon Act of 1986’s Section 32 declares that handling salmon in suspicious circumstances is illegal. 

Anyone who receives or disposes of salmon in circumstances where they believe or could reasonably believe that the salmon is illegally fished is guilty of a crime under this section in England and Wales. Two years in prison is the maximum punishment.

2. Is your mom asking you to change a light bulb? Don’t! It’s a crime.

Without a current licence, changing a lightbulb was illegal in Victorian times. A $10 Australian fine can impose for taking control of your light. 

However, a revision to the 1998 Electricity Safety Act updated this law. According to a spokesperson for Energy Safe Victoria, while the Electricity Safety Act makes it illegal to perform your own electrical work without a licence, Order in Council G17 specifically exempted changing a light bulb and removing a plug from a socket from this requirement.

3. Smile, and don’t ever stop smiling.

Why is your face so long? In Milan, you have to smile. It is importance under an Austro-Hungarian-era city ordinance that never changed. 

Funeral attendees, hospital staff, and others who were by a sick family member’s bedside were all exempt. Everyone else has no justification for being unhappy because doing otherwise would cost money. It is one of the most bizarre crimes ever!

4. Dogs >>> Humans

According to a new ordinance passed by the city council of Turin, Italy, dog owners who fail to walk their animals at least three times per day could face fines of up to €500. Italy prides itself on being an animal-loving country, and stray cats are legally under protection in many cities. 

Turin police would rely heavily on the assistance of informants who saw brutal treatment by neighbours to enforce the law.

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5. Never say no to Pee!

In Scotland, you are legally allowed to knock on someone’s door and request to use their bathroom if you need the restroom.

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