5 Bizarre And Overpriced Products By Luxury Brands

Bizarre And Overpriced Products By Luxury Brands

High Fashion is something that most of us don’t understand. Some brands are so expensive that they don’t even justify the product. But what’s surprising is there are many who end up purchasing them. These overpriced products get sold out due to their brand name and we really don’t think there is any other reason. Luxury brands have a separate line of customers as well. In the era of social media, owning these brands is also a sense of status. So here are 5 Bizzare and overpriced products by Luxury Brands.

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1. Balenciaga’s Chips Bag

This luxury brand has collaborated with one of your favorite chips making companies Lays. This collection of new handbags is based on Lay’s potato chips. The collection was also part of Paris Fashion Week. We are stunned to see the collection. Netizens have no clue what this brand is even up to.

Balenciaga's Chips Bag

2. Adidas x Gucci Sun Umbrella

We are aware that Gucci is a high-end luxury brand. They joined with Adidas to launch their sun umbrella. The umbrella costs more than a lakh and the irony is that it’s not waterproof. This umbrella can only save you from the scorching heat of the sun. But it received major backlash and trolling from the internet. Don’t you think it’s a highly overpriced Product?

Adidas x Gucci Sun Umbrella

3. Apple Polishing Cloth

We are aware that Apple is very expensive but the cloth they launched was a bit more than that. You may find any polishing cloth and the price will seem reasonable. But Apple polishing cloth is almost 10 times the price of your regular piece of cloth. So this product is for all those who are extremely loyal to the brand.

Apple Polishing Cloth

4. Sabyasachi x H&M saree

Sabyasachi is a brand that we see in almost every Bollywood wedding. He collaborated with a Swedish multinational company and got everyone talking about this special saree. However, the response wasn’t positive. The saree was overly priced for its design. The saree almost cost INR 10k. Meanwhile, few said they could get the exact same saree for 400 in any local store.

Sabyasachi x H&M saree

5. Louis Vuitton face shield

This luxury brand came up with a gold studded face shield. The shield almost costs INR 70,000 and it didn’t make much sense to netizens. The shield is definitely an overpriced product. However, it seems like this shield is too expensive and is not effective as well. It’s not the product that sells, it’s the brand that sells.

Louis Vuitton face shield

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