5 Best Selling McDonald’s Dishes That We Can Never Get Bored Of!

Best Selling McDonald’s Dishes

McDonald’s is always a constant reminder of home, no matter where you are. What began as an all-American joint has now changed the lives of individuals all over the world. McDonald’s is more than simply a fast-food restaurant; it’s a way of life. I mean, who isn’t fond of McDonald’s! Moreover, there are so many best selling McDonald’s dishes that we all love.

While staples like the Big Mac and McFlurry are available at all locations, the chain also caters to local preferences. 

Here are 5 best selling McDonald’s dishes, ranging from specialty burgers to nuggets.

1. Chicken Nuggets

McDonald’s is best known for its hamburgers and fries, but chicken takes the seventh spot on this list of McDonald’s menu items. Additionally, Chicken McNuggets were first released by McDonald’s in 1980, and they’ve been a hit ever since.

2. Egg McMuffin 

As the first breakfast item legitimately supplied by a fast-food franchise, the Egg McMuffin transformed fast food. Moreover, Herb Peterson, a fast-food entrepreneur in the 1970s, wanted to produce an eggs Benedict sandwich for McDonald’s.

Customers adored it when he sandwiched a poached egg, Canadian bacon, and also cheese between two English muffins. Moreover, it is so popular that it has become the fifth most popular menu item.

3. Happy Meal 

It may come as a surprise that McDonald’s didn’t always market to children, given everything from the PlayPlaces in many McDonald’s locations to the fact that McDonald’s is the world’s largest toy distributor (yes, really!). But it’s true: the brand didn’t start selling the boxed “kids’ meals” we know and love until 1979. 

Even back then, toys were included in the cardboard Happy Meal boxes. Moreover, the bright, kid-friendly design was modelled after cereal boxes.

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4. Big Mac 

This one has to be towards the top, right? The sesame-seed-bun-surrounded, special-sauce-loaded burger, named after the franchise, comes in just short of the top spot. Moreover, the Big Mac’s ongoing popularity is largely due to effective marketing.

The Big Mac has received both a downsize and an upsize, with the Grand Big Mac. Moreover, the Mac Jr serving as the larger and smaller sandwiches, respectively.

5. French Fries 

It’s surely no surprise that these delectable golden slices are the all-time bestseller. They’ve been a part of the McDonald’s menu since the beginning. Also, the customers have been asking for fries with everything—or just fries—ever since. Moreover, there is a secret component in McDonald’s fries that makes them so addicting.

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