5 Best Red Wines For Your Romantic Date Night

Best Red Wines

It may have taken a little longer for Indians to develop a taste for wine, but now you’re sure to find a swarm of wine connoisseurs at every bar you visit. Wine drinkers, like spirits drinkers, are faithful, committed to exploration, and rely on a few traditional favourites. Parallel to India’s wine culture emerging slowly but steadily, wineries across the subcontinent are working hard to offer fresher, better bottles to our wine stores, so assisting us in developing more sophisticated wine palates. There are many best red wines in India.

We’re ecstatic about the impressive expansion of Indian wines, and while we’re always on the lookout for new favourites, we’d want to take the time to celebrate the ones we’ve already discovered.

We have compiled a list of the five best Red Wines you should try!

#1 Cabernet Shiraz By Sula

There’s a reason Sula has such a devoted following in India; the wines are truly remarkable. Sula’s Cabernet Shiraz is a pleasant, medium-bodied red wine that goes well with both grilled meats and hard cheese. It has a deep purple colour with a seductive aroma of spice, smokiness, and blueberries and blackberries.

Price – INR 895 for 750 ml

Alcohol Content – 13.5%

Best Red Wines

#2 Big Banyan Merlot 

The Big Banyan Merlot is a magnificent red, with heavenly smoothness and gentle, velvety tannins. This wine is dry and medium-bodied, with a plummy finish, establishing it as a joyful, free, and easy wine that every Indian novice connoisseur should try. It’s the ideal wine to enjoy on a hot summer evening, and the delicious, wholesome flavour is a bonus.

Price – INR 750 (Approx.) for 750 ml. 

Alcohol Content – 13%

#3 Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz

This Four Seasons Reserve Shiraz is a rich, full-bodied red that offers outstanding smokey and earthy flavours with every sip. This wine has garnered numerous honours for its exceptional taste and palate depth, making it one of the greatest Indian red wines on the market. It has an inky violet colour and a strong blend of plummy and ripe blackberry notes.

Price – INR 1,000 (Approx.) for 750 ml. 

Alcohol Content – 13%

Best Red Wines

#4 La Reserve by Grover Zampa

Grover Zampa’s La Reserve is a silky, rich, and full-bodied red that won Gold in the Silk Route Awards 2016 under Asia wines. It has a fragrant smell of juicy red and black fruits, as well as spicy aromas. When you take a sip of this beautiful red, you’ll be welcomed by flavours of chocolate, coffee beans, and vanilla, as well as soft tannins and a lovely finish.

Price – INR 1,050 for 750 ml. 

Alcohol Content – 14%

#5 Reveilo Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a very approachable red with bright acidity and a youthful combination of berries and cherries, with traces of smoke and spice on the finish. It’s a straightforward red with a short finish and silky texture that falls into the smooth-tasting Indian red wine category. Reveille Wines, owned by a family of wine enthusiasts, is known for its line of vegan wines designed for an easy-drinking experience.

Price – INR 1,500 (Approx.) for 750 ml. 

Alcohol Content – 14%

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