5 Best Beers You Must Add In Your Next House Party

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages since we don’t require a special occasion to enjoy a cold beer. Some folks don’t require an occasion to consume any type of alcohol, but for the rest of us, beer is a trusty companion. The drink has been popular in India since the British introduced it to the subcontinent in the 18th century. Sura, a beer-like drink mentioned in the Vedas, was introduced to us by the Europeans, who also introduced us to beer as we know it today. There are so many best beers brands in India that it is hard to count.

Microbreweries have risen in popularity in India’s major cities, creating a diverse range of craft beers with distinct flavours and aromas. Some folks, however, do not enjoy the bitter flavour of powerful beers.

We’ve listed five best beer brands below according to us for you!

#1 Budweiser 

Many of you may recall Budweiser from your undergraduate days when you believed the beer was strong enough to drown away any deep pains you were experiencing at the time, which now seem too insignificant to recall. Because it contains as low as 5% alcohol, this ‘Great American Lager Beer’ is great for a relaxing evening or light drinking after work. It’s mild, fresh and ideal for people who don’t like bitter beer. 

#2 Hoegaarden 

This creamy light Belgian beer is sweet with just the right amount of sour, with flavours of orange peel, coriander, spices, and herbs. One of the most well-known wheat beers in the world is Hoegaarden. It’s unfiltered, which gives it a murky appearance, and it’s traditionally served with a slice of lemon.

#3 Bira 91 White

Among the most adamant opponents of beer, Bira White is a favourite. It’s a delightful wheat beer with a smooth aftertaste and a dash of zesty citrus, perfect for non-beer drinkers. It’s usually had during the day, with a light brunch, in the hours between working hours. This beer has a low alcoholic level of 4.9 per cent.

#4 Simba

Simba beer was created so that the creators could brew the kind of beer they wanted to drink. It is tasty, authentic, and prepared with high-quality ingredients. It’s created in small batches with handcrafted recipes rather than formulae. This beer’s packaging is dark and simple, yet it’s appealing.

#5 Corona

Corona is one of the lightest beers available in India, which is paradoxical considering that the pale lager is made and sold from Mexico. This is maybe the only beer served with a wedge of lime wedged inside the bottle’s mouth. It gives it a cocktail-like feel. Corona is a light, easy-drinking beer that’s perfect for a night in with your best pals and maybe a doobie.

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