5 Aamir Khan Movies that didn’t work out

aamir khan movies

It is well known that Aamir Khan is one of a kind in the Indian movie scene. We’ve been hearing time and again that he’s a perfectionist and rightly so. If you take a look at his career graph, Amir Khan has rarely gone wrong with his movies. They worked because of his stardom, heavy marketing, or for their unique stories. Aamir Khan has always displayed his perfectionism for the entire world to bear witness. Most, if not all of his movies have been blockbusters.

That is until the pandemic happened. After which the audience raised the bar for all the so-called ‘superstars‘ of the country. Perfectionism is no longer a formula that will work and Aamir Khan has learned this the hard way after the massive failure of one of his biggest projects ‘Laal Singh Chaddha‘. Here are 5 Aamir Khan movies from the past that didn’t work out:

1. Thugs of Hindostan:

We remember all too well the catastrophe that was Thugs of Hindostan. Apparently, the most expensive Bollywood movie to ever be made back in 2019, Thugs was a mega flop despite a massive budget of 300+ Cr. The movie was a huge disappointment and the brunt of one too many memes and jokes.

2. Secret Superstar:

Starring the Dangal kid Zaira Wasim in the lead, Secret Superstar was a unique movie with an important message. However, it failed to strike the right chord with the audience and is one of Aamir Khan’s underperforming movies.

3. Mela:

One of the most memorable megaflops of Amir Khan dating way back to the 2000s, Mela sealed Twinkle Khanna’s fate as an actress. It was her last movie as an actor and she was recently seen joking about the same with her co-star Amir Khan at an event.

4. Dhoom 3:

Although a blockbuster declared by the box office, Dhoom 3 isn’t one of Amir’s best films in comparison with some of his other massive successes like 3 Idiots, Dangal, and Ghajini. Amir played the villain in the movie and although he did a good job of it, the script and storyline of this movie didn’t do justice to it.

5. Talaash:

Talaash was a captivating thriller. However, it didn’t make as much noise as other Aamir Khan movies. The story was a bit morbid and despite having two major actresses Rani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor, it was declared a semi-hit at the box office.