4 times Khloé Kardashian got played – And why she needs to stand up for herself more.

4 times Khloé Kardashian got played – And why she needs to stand up for herself more.

From being head over heels in love with her one-month-long date-turned-husband to giving second chances to both of her exes, Khloé Kardashian is easily one of the most loving and forgiving partners of them all. But what good is this doing for her?

The scandals, cheatings and reconciliations

1. Lamar and his backstabbing

Lamar and his backstabbing

What started as a cozy romance back in 2007 eventually saw the end. It happened when Lamar Odom’s infidelity took to the internet. The Kocktails with Khloé host was supportive even back then. She retracted her divorce with her then-husband, owing to his overdose back in Nevada. It takes a lot more than love to be able to handle that level of a let-down. Thankfully she did file for divorce later in 2015. She cut ties with Lamar, who has high regard for her to this day.

2. The first red flag with Tristan

2. The first red flag with Tristan

We see Khloé take another leap of faith with her present ex. Tristan Thompson had taken viewers by storm with his entry into the Keeping up with the Kardashians show. Although he did carry the burden of his past cheating scandals. Nevertheless, when things seemed to be falling into place with the Kardashian, there’s a free fall for the third time in Khloé’s life. Tristan Thompson ultimately goes back to his old ways. It seems as if NBA players have a lot on their plate. And their bed game might just be as strong as their court game! One would think this was the end of whatever the relationship was becoming for Khloe. But guess who decides to give their partner another chance? 

3. The Jordyn scandal we didn’t really hope would happen

The Jordyn scandal we didn't really hope would happen

The second time the NBA player stepped out on Khloé was while she was pregnant with their daughter, True and despite Khloé making it absolutely certain that they were going to separate, their split didn’t last long. Khloé reconciles with Tristan, giving him another chance which he continues to misuse, this time ruining things not just between Khloé and him but also between Kylie and her BFF, Jordyn Woods. Though quarantine gave him enough space to glue his relationship back with Khloé, we can’t really say the same about Jordyn and the Kardashians…

4. Calling it quits

Texas personal trainer Maralee Nichols

His inability to handle the commitment Khloé holds for the relationship shows in his recent scandal. Tristan has fathered yet another child, this time with Texas personal trainer Maralee Nichols. With news about Tristan’s affair surfacing on the Internet, Khloé has finally called it quits and we think rightly so! One might expect Khloé to go all out, hating on Tristan for his disrespectful behavior to not only the relationship but the entire family and his daughter True, but she is just too nice for that.

“I have to forgive these people for me. And it’s up to them to forgive themselves and to be accountable and learn.”

Khloé Kardashian

I mean, come on, these unfaithful people don’t deserve her time or energy. Despite her effort to keep the family dynamics intact for True, it seems as if her efforts are in vain. Sometimes, the negatives of people just outweigh their positives and unfortunately, Khloé has learned it the hard way.

With a baby involved, a clean break is not in the picture. Khloé has also made it pretty clear that the mishaps will not come in the way of True’s relationship with her dad. She’s just the strongest woman in the Kardashian clan and it shows! But she does need to stand up for herself more often than she chooses to. 

Why? Because there are innumerous things that set her apart. 

Khloé is not just a great mum, partner, and sister but is also a successful businesswoman!


Today Khloé’s name resonates with the much-celebrated brand of denim and activewear, Good American. Not only did she cement her capability beyond the reality show KUWTK, but her current ventures into the fashion world and retail have helped her earn quite a number giving us an impressive sum to the Khloé  Kardashian net worth. Not just that, the many shows she’s co-producing have shot her to the center stage. 

Khloé is freaking beautiful, in and out and you can’t say otherwise!


Our gorgeous blonde has always been in the limelight owing to her differentiating beauty in the Kardashian fam. Besides, she’s got it all, the looks, the brain, and the body! Inspiring women all around the globe with her weight loss journey, facing tabloids head-on, and being the superstar that she is, Khloé has proved to us constantly that she is more than just a media personality. “I don’t define success by the amount of money someone has or by their popularity,” she’s heard saying. “To me, success is setting goals and working hard to achieve them.” Now we don’t get to hear that every day from a star of her stature. 

Khloé can do so much better!


As someone who has previously been quoted saying, “I’ve learned in order for good things to come your way, you need to believe you deserve them”, she really needs to see that she deserves partners that are faithful to her. Apart from being the most real, hilarious, and one of the most relatable of the Kardashian Klans, she also happens to be super nice. We don’t see why she should bring down her standards for guys who can’t really keep up with her realness. 

Well, if you haven’t noticed, the Good American founder is super rich! 

Her role as the executive producer and star of KUWTK and its many spin-offs contributes to her total net worth of $50 million dollars. Phew! Despite the money in her bank, her fame and privilege never got to her head. We have often heard her talk about her view on success, one of which is when she says, “Fame comes and fame goes but you have to be able to laugh about yourself and to take it with a grain of salt.” A living legend! 


Her relatability and realness have gained her die-hard fans, who are super mad about the way she was treated by her exes in her relationships. (We’re “obviously” not talking about ourselves, haha.) All in all, we really hope moving forward, she can emerge from the toxic relationships she’s previously had and comes out stronger!