4 Silly trends on Instagram Reels that don’t make sense

instagram reels :4 silly Trends on Instagram Reels that don't make sense

Instagram Reels is the new TikTok for Indians. We were just breathing a sigh of relief that the nightmare that was TikTok was over. But looks like the woes of the innocent Indian social media scroller are far from over. Indians love to take any social media app and turn it into a cringe-fest that the functionality of the app is lost. Take any social media app, for example, LinkedIn. Rather than being a professional platform, it has turned into a place where random Indian men slide into the DMs of women with a barrage of ‘Hi’s’ until they are forced to reply. And let’s not even start on what we have made of Clubhouse. What started off as a useful app for discussions, has now turned into a dating and thirst app.

The Instagram Reels app turned into a cringefest ever since TikTok was banned. It’s a place where former Tiktokers now dump their garbage, making nonsensical Instagram reels video that serves only one purpose, to go viral. Songs with explicit lyrics are trending and people who don’t understand the lyrics are following the trend. The situation is so grim now that even Indian ‘aunties’, ‘dadis’, and ‘kids’ are twerking to ‘shut up and bend over’. Here are 4 silly Instagram reel trends that don’t make sense:

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1. The Breakfast Challenge:

Instagram reelers are doing various breakfast cooking moves like chopping, egg whisking, frying, and crunching into their breakfast in this viral trend. However, the ‘breakfast challenge’ is being used to show their ‘saturday night party scene’ which doesn’t make any sense.

2. The Touch It Challenge, Shut up and bend over:

We don’t know what to say about people sharing their dance moves and showing their ability to ‘touch feet’ also known as ‘payr choona’ with ‘Touch it, touch it, shut up and bend over’ playing in the background. Whether they realize how inappropriate this song is or not, none of the reels are making any sense whatsoever.

3. Questions I get asked trend:

This trend is a weird combination of a cups dance routine and a QA session. Instagram reelers are answering questions that we don’t know who asked them in the first place with ‘The Magic Bomb’ by ‘Hoang Reed’ playing in the background. The hand movements and the dance look silly and it’s fairly annoying that people are blindly following this trend.

4. Who’s more likely to?

This trend was neither funny nor informative. Literally, everyone was answering a set of questions on who was more likely to do what with their friends, family, husband. It was really silly and annoying as well.

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