4 Reasons why you can’t afford to miss watching the Kambala races at least once in your life.


Hello and welcome to Mangalore! A small town in Coastal Karnataka, we make a lot of noise the world over. Whether its in the field of Arts, Music, Entertainment, or Sport, Mangaloreans know how to wheedle their way to the very top of things. The culture in this small town is not one to be compared. Some of the events that take place here can make you go weak in the knees. Have you ever heard of the Kambala Buffalo races? Here’s a quick introduction to this event:

What is Kambala?

Kambala is a sporting and cultural event. Its essentially a buffalo race where jockeys and their buffaloes race across a muddy, waterlogged field to the finish line. This is a unique sporting event that’s part of the rich cultural heritage of the Udupi and Dakshina Kannada districts. In fact, the pomp and show of this event has taken over the entirety of India, even though its relevance is limited to a small part of Karnataka. Here are 7 reasons why everyone who can or will visit Mangalore cannot afford to miss watching a Kambala race at least once in their goddamn lifetime:

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1. Its just like a festival:

When the Kambala season kicks in Coastal Karnataka, the environment becomes akin to that of a festival. The races are organized in different parts of Udupi and Dakshina Kanna districts. Thousands of people scramble to watch the races which are as interesting as watching any other sport.

2. The strength of the Kambala Jockeys should be seen to be believed:

Did you know that the Kambala Jockeys (buffalo racers) build immense strength and even sport six pack abs? Without even having a workout regime or hitting the gym, they build their bodies on the field by training their buffaloes. Readying the field is really tough work and the Kambala jockeys’ bodies need to be seen to be believed.

3. The races are electrifying:

Getting buffaloes to race across a slushy field is no joke. It takes grit, strength, and every ounce of determination to make the animal run at top speed. Just watching a Kambala race will tire you. Its just electrifying to watch the jockeys yell at the top of their voices to make the buffaloes run, while on its back. Watching a Kambala race is a true nail-biting moment and you can’t afford to miss that experience when in Mangalore.

4. Its a cultural spectacle:

The Kambala Buffalo races are deeply rooted in the history and culture of Tulunadu. Just like the Boat races of Kerala during the Onam festival, Kambala is not just an entertainment sport, but holds deep spiritual significance and reflects the farming legacy of the people of this land. If you want to truly experience what its means to be a Mangalorean, you have to be in town during the Kambala season.

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