4 Legit Books to read for a clear picture of the Kashmir Files

Kashmir Files

The Kashmir Files movie is the talk of the town. But all the controversy and conflict aside, your curiosity has definitely piqued towards the cold, hard facts. Kashmir has been the center of conflict for decades. Civilians are the target for terrorists and the military alike. They brutally massacred, raped, and psychologically tortured people. Widespread genocide made people flee from their homeland. These horrific events deserve recognition more than it gets, justice is overdue to the victims. Instead, historians shoved it away and denied it ever happened. Rather than relying on hardline gossip, and political trash talk, what better way to get the truth than from reading books? Here are 4 hot books you may want to read right away on the Kashmir conflict. Meanwhile, we know you are eagerly waiting to watch the Kashmir Files movie online.

1. K-File: The Conspiracy of Silence – Bashir Assad

In this book, the writer documents his first-hand experience in Kashmir. He is the eyewitness of various developments that took place there. In his younger years, Bashir Assad was brainwashed to be a part of the extremist ideology. In the introduction to his book, he says that “Strategy, fear, or conviction has bound all stakeholders- mainstream politicians, separatists, media, civilians, VIPs, or commoners- in Kashmir not to speak the truth.” The book further narrates his journey of change and highlights possible solutions to the conflict.

Kashmir Files

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2. Not just Cricket: A reporter’s Journey through Modern India – Pradeep Magazine

Contrary to what the title suggests, the book isn’t just about cricket. Pradeep Magazine, an Indian cricket journalist, recollects his childhood in Kashmir and the socio-political instances that shaped him. He combines this with the aspect of cricket and presents his narrative.

3. Kashmir’s Untold Story: Declassified – Iqbal Chand Malhotra & M. Maroof Raza:

Two journalists wrote this book to inform us of the events that gave birth to the situation in Kashmir. It sheds light on the state’s history from the time of Maharajas’ rule to post-independence. And it provides the context of incidents that took place before the partition. It also provides answers to questions regarding the future of Kashmir.

4. The Kashmir Conundrum: The Quest for Peace in a Troubled Land – General N. C Vij:

The Kashmir Conundrum’s author- General Vij, combines the insights of a state insider with the hands-on expertise of a former Army Chief. He is from Jammu and was born in a conflict zone. Beginning with a history of Kashmir and its people, he goes on to discuss the kingdom’s invasion, the wars that India and Pakistan have fought, the Pulwama attack in 2019, India’s surgical strike at Balakot, and the various methods that have been used to resolve the issue. It also emphasized the controversial abolition of the state’s special status and the issue of Kashmiri youth radicalization.

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