4 Illogical Bollywood movie scenes

4 Illogical Bollywood movie scenes

Bollywood is a cult in itself. No matter how modern the movies become, some things never change. Like the over-the-top drama, the corny love songs, or the flashy musicals. If you’ve been watching Bollywood all your life, your mind is no doubt swimming with questions. Also, you would have had to unlearn some of the bizarre and illogical lessons from Bollywood movies. Here are 5 Bollywood scenes that are not only impractical in the real world but defy all logic, and gravity:

1. Bhuj: The pride of India – Plane landing scene:

Recently, Ajay Devgan’s newest movie ‘Bhuj’ was released. We saw an unbelievable scene where Ajay Devgan lands a plane without wheels on a TRUCK that he is DRIVING. Apart from the fact that a plane landing on a truck would completely crush it including the driver, it’s completely illogical how a small truck could bear the weight of an entire plane weighing thousands of tons, landing at a speed of hundreds of miles. The movie was full of bizarre and impossible scenes like when Sanjay Dutt is seen killing hundreds of people single-handedly with a short-blade knife in a DITCH. Although this movie was inspired by a true story, there were too many unnecessary additions and drama added to up the ‘masala’ factor of the movie.

2. Singham – Jeep Scene:

Singham was no doubt a successful Bollywood movie for the portrayal of a humbling policeman and his indomitable courage. But the action scenes were typical for a Bollywood movie. The entire car chase sequence when Singham comes into his power and single-handedly beats up a gang of ‘gundas’ trying to drive off in a jeep was ridiculously illogical. He manages to flip off the entire vehicle down into the ocean. There’s also another scene where a car is seen revolving in the air and Singham pulls out the driver mid-air with one hand only to beat him up to a pulp.

3. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi:

This movie was about a sad marriage with a weird twist where Sharukh Khan plays a two-in-one double role?! A wife may be so unhappy with her marriage that she doesn’t look twice at her husband. But we don’t think any sane person would miss their husband turning up in a bizarre new avatar without immediately recognizing them. This movie completely defied logic in terms of Sharukh’s double role which wasn’t really?!

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4. Ajnabee – Bobby’s escape from the courtroom:

Let’s assume for the filmmakers’ sake that the Swiss police are an awfully slow lot who allow their convicts to escape from a courtroom while they stand on a murder trial. But you must admit that the scene where Bobby breaks out of a glass window from an upper floor of the courtroom and lands on his feet like a cat unscathed, still managing to flee arrest without anyone chasing him defied all logic. Oh, and he even goes back to the crime scene to carry his own little investigation while the police stand guard outside.

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