3 Tips for Productivity in the Pandemic.

productivity and pandemic

Some people have crossed the boundaries of insensitivity splendidly,  you’ll find them bragging about how much they achieved in 2020 despite the pandemic. While the rest of us still reel from job losses and unexpected deaths, god forbid someone drops the “P” word especially on social media. We’re talking about productivity, and one would think productivity is a lost cause during the pandemic.



But whether this feeling is valid or not & does it help kickstart one’s own productivity journey is up for debate. Here are a few pointers to keep the negativity out & help you get more done while the world is still struggling to come out of their homes. 

We scoured through 3 international bestselling books, ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport, and ‘7 habits by highly effective people’ by Stephen R Covey.

Productivity in the Pandemic.

And we found the following 3 productivity hacks that work like magic during the pandemic that we thought it’d be great to share these with you:

Fix your goals – Gotta start somewhere!

“Winners & losers have the same goal.1”- a simple concept mentioned in different phrasing by several authors & life coaches around the globe. We tend to forget that it’s the path to the goal & not the goal itself that differentiates winners from losers.

So looking at someone’s accomplishment & comparing it to yours isn’t very logical. Compare their journey, the challenges in it, the methods they used to overcome them & get inspired instead. You might be closer than you know to the trajectory of the same goal!

As strange as it sounds, results are only a byproduct of the process. The experience & skills that you acquire by working towards your goal are more important than whether you do achieve the goal or not at the endpoint.

So what is it that you should really focus on? Does fixing goals make one gain nothing? Well fixing a goal is like deciding a place to fly to in an airplane, it is essential, yet only a start point; You have to understand how to fly the airplane, put that knowledge to use, fix a trajectory, keep atmospheric conditions in mind & so on. Focus more on efforts once your goal is fixed.

What can you do to improve the quality of your efforts while hustling towards a goal? Build good habits.

Turn the tables on your habits:

“If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive—no matter how skilled or talented you are.2” We often look for motivation when doing tasks towards a goal. This method does not work as very few people actually have aligned passion & goals.

Moreover, your passion in a field doesn’t give you perfection in all the skills that are required to be good in that field. Hence regular practice is something that even “geniuses” can’t skip when seeking a goal.

Habits are the key to build inertia to do tasks & being regular. A habit in itself could be a goal, but the bite-sized nature & the infamous ‘21 day streak to build a habit’ theory by Maxwell Maltz makes it very achievable. 

The quality & frequency of your efforts increases as a result of better habits & better efforts yield better results.

Keep a tab on your mental constraints and get over them when the time is ripe:

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.3” Saving the most important bit for the last. Believing in yourself for a huge goal sounds easier said than done. However, there exist scientific ways to boost self-belief & self-confidence.

pandemic mental health

The simplest one being – doing at least one task a day towards your goal & documenting your growth in a journal. The tricky part here is the consistency & that’s where building supportive habits is helpful. Another highly effective way is to communicate with people who’ve already achieved the goal that you’re working towards.

This would clear out a lot of myths & provide insights that could save so much of your time as well as get rid of any self-doubt. 


We approve of these tips for productivity during the pandemic and we’d like you to take inspiration just like we did.

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