3 Legit ways to actually stick to your New Year Resolutions this year

new year resolutions

Hey you. Yeah, you. We see you. We see that thin veneer of over-the-top enthusiasm and brittle confidence that ‘it will all work out this time around’. We don’t know who started the tradition of setting new year resolutions. But we do know that it has always been a part of a large number of peoples’ traditions around the holidays. 

This time of the year- naturally brings with it- joy and togetherness. What with travelling back home, thinking about your mother’s chai and bajji on the train or bus or flight back. A natural beginning to the new year also means a fresh new start for most people who follow the Gregorian calendar.

It also just means that the “I’ll start tomorrow”s and “I’ll start next weeksevolve (like Pokemons) into the grand ‘This new year, I will definitely do ____’.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you can definitely do all of what you’ve been wishing for. Even if it’s getting fitter, eating healthier, sticking with your hobby or even running a triathlon! 

Here are 3 ways to help you not only ace your new year resolutions, but completely blow them out of the park.

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1. Get a friend to do your New Year Resolutions with you

Having someone else do your activity with you means that you’re not just answerable to yourself only. Most times, people let themselves down by gradually forgetting the promises that they’d made to themselves. 

We don’t blame you. We have done that too. What we find helped is to have someone else that you can compare (healthily!) your progress to. It’s harder to make excuses to someone else than just yourself. So find someone who is just as interested in your particular activity and bond with them over it.

2. Make it a habit

We all wake up in the mornings and go to the bathroom to wash our faces without skipping a beat. Sometimes, we zone out of it so completely, lost in our thoughts that we don’t even realize that we’ve already completed our morning ritual and are sitting down for our morning chai.

That’s what it means to be so used to something that your day isn’t right until you have done it. And we have the right way to form something. Be it exercise, rock-climbing or even under-water basket weaving into a habit!

Track your activities every day for three weeks. You’ll see that by the end of the third week, you’ll want to keep going on to the fourth, fifth, sixth and beyond.

Et Voila, a new habit has been formed.

3. Set out rewards for yourself

In a new journal or notebook, write out rewards that you’ll gift yourself once you have hit milestones in your desired activity.

For example, in painting, if you have made 3 whole paintings, reward yourself with a mani-pedi or even a new top. Set out goals with increasing degrees of special or expensive rewards as you go on with your desired activity or hobby.

We are going to implement all of these tricks into our new year resolutions and we hope that you do the same.

Happy 2023 everyone!

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