3 Controversial Ads recently released in India

3 Controversial Ads recently released in India

Indians have their eye on brand ads. Gone are the days when we were forced to watch ads on TV and they influenced our lives heavily. For example, Fair & Lovely‘s aggressive ad campaigns caused Indian women to buy fairness creams and kill themselves to change the colour of their skin. But now we are questioning everything. We can catch the subtle messages behind seemingly innocent ads by big brands and nothing misses our eye. However, in the online world, ads are suffering severe backlash. Whether this backlash is justified or not, people online have a lot to comment about the purpose and motive behind ad campaigns. Here are 3 controversial ads in India that were recently released:

1. Alia Bhatt’s Manyavar Ad:

The newest entrant to the list of controversial ads is Alia Bhatt’s latest ad campaign for Manyavar. While she looks resplendent in bridal wear, this ad has stirred controversy. And this time it’s for…3 guesses?! That’s right, it’s for questioning Hindu traditions! No big surprise that ads featuring Hindu rituals are facing heavy backlash for being singular in their take on religion. Watch the ad here:

2. Hrithik Roshan & Katrina Kaif’s Zomato ad:

Zomato recently released an ad campaign featuring Hrithik Roshan & Katrina Kaif. The ad showed the “hard-working” nature of delivery executives and how they prefer finishing up their deliveries on time instead of ‘fangirling’ over celebrities because, ‘har customer hai star’. Since this ad comes when food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy are in the news for the poor working conditions of their delivery executives, Zomato’s reasoning that this ad highlights ‘the dignity of gig workers’ didn’t sit well with the audience. Take a look at the ad here:

3. The Tanishq ad:

Tanishq courted controversy with a recent wedding ad and huge backlash followed it. People thought that it promoted inter-religious marriage unnecessarily and was even hinting at ‘love jihad, a highly sensitive subject in India. Netizens asked for Tanishq to be boycotted through #boycotttanishq and it was a huge issue splashed across the news. Watch the ad here:

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